Some one please advice me the best way to SH20 and how many weeks or months to reach SH20?

Now, my SH is 14.
3 Mines, all are LV14
7 Farms, all are LV13
4 Iron Storage, LV 12 - 12 -12 -13
3 Food Storages, LV 8 - 8 -9

If I focus only to upgrade the SH, I should upgrade Iron Storage to LV18.
But, should I also upgrade the other building?

And how many weeks or months tol reach SH20 from this point? Approximately.

Thank you.

Here is some links, which should help you.


Upgrade watchtower, farms, mines, storages, so that you have enough base to have enough food and iron to build those.

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For Training Camp 20

For legendary training

A collection of similar links

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thank you very much.

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thank you very much for the links.

I got to stronghold 20 in 90 days, active daily, with no guide. Now it looks like its gonna take me awhile to get my TC 11s to 20…

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Do NOT upgrade your farms/mines any further. Its a waste of time. Focus on storage capacity, you are going to get to the point you will have max iron halfway through the build time.

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Took me half a year to get SH/Tower 20 and 3 TC 20s with a 2nd builder for 5 of those months

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