Some new ideas for those who think the game is "too easy" (not serious thread)

I have seen many complaints lately from people on this forum…

No, not talking about my own complaints…

No, not talking about the nerf threads, or Boblin Galloon, or etc…

Ugh… forget it, getting back on topic.

One of the main complaints I see on here these days is that the game is too easy. Tavern of Legends was too easy. Raid tournaments are too easy. Undead minions in wars was too easy. 14* titans are too easy. Game is way too boring for super high level peeps.

For those of you who don’t care about loot… you already have 300 maxed 5* heroes and 1000 of every ascension material, you’re regularly #1 in top global leaderboards for basically everything. You need a challenge!

Don’t worry, I got your back. I am currently working on new ideas to make the game much more challenging (and therefore more “fun”) for all of you.

To start it off… I have crafted a brand new titan for all you top performers to try to kill.

It doesn’t give any loot! Mostly because it doesn’t die. It cannot be killed. At all. But it is sure to give you guys the ultimate challenge of a lifetime, a new goal to strive for, one that you will never actually achieve but will have lots and lots of fun trying.

Here you go!


Don’t worry, I’m just getting started. Got some ideas on how to make wars and events much more “challenging” for you guys also.

Stay tuned!


Ow boy.
I am just having 15 leveled 5* hero’s and already think it is already too hard. We can sometimes take down 14* titans but not all and now you come up with this?
How do we even fight this guy? He is gonna suckerpunch my hero’s in 1 move.

Thanks for making me laugh again on the forums TGW

Edit: I got your intention :wink:


That’s the point, he’s not killable at all. Notice he reflects 100% of all damage from every color.

This thread is for those on here who really loved Ninja Tower (so much work for such little rewards!), complain that there isn’t anything stronger than 14* titans, and complain that the undead minion war was way too easy.

I am also working on a brand new event, as well as war mechanic that I think they will thoroughly enjoy.

They said they needed moar challenge! I haz many ideas to satisfy their masochistic desires to waste 100 hours and a thousand battle items in exchange for a common summon token. Perfect timing too, with Halloween right around the corner. They want to play E&P in Nightmare Mode? I may not be able to compete with their rosters in normal gameplay, but I’m certainly imaginative enough to come up with things that will give them that much needed “challenge” they’ve been longing for!


I think this game is only easy for the Whales but nice satire!


I agree. Most of the game is not easy at all. For me, at least. I mean sure, I can autoplay the lower levels for most events, but the top levels are a pain in my rear end.

Meanwhile… I read forums and see many people saying “meh, too easy, zero effort required… boring… give me moar hard stuffs”

I aim to please! I am nothing if not amicable. I haz ideas for moar ‘hard stuffs’ to challenge their uber impressive rosters. :slightly_smiling_face:



This hero will make your heroes killed in the next 10 battles with a single shot :slight_smile:

What would be the mana speed ?
Extreme fast ?

Charged with 1 stone and it does not have to be the same color as Norris ?


He’s actually a titan. Perfect for all of those who say that 14* titans are too easy and boring.

I know current complaint is not about that though, current complaint is that the undead minion battle aid was too easy to overcome. I will be coming out with a “solution” for that shortly. Those who think the game is way too easy in its current iteration are sure to love it!

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He also reflects any battle item just by looking at them.



For those who found ‘Undead Horde’ to be “too easy,” I present to you…


Much fun will ensue! Challenging! Every war will be neck and neck! Like this!


New raid tournament format - every turn, one of your attacking heroes is killed randomly!

including the first turn. before you even make a match, you’ve lost one hero already!

the perfect format for those who can work the board and turn any bad starting board into a winning one!


That would be a good one for sure. And of course, naturally, the first hero AI would choose to kill on your team would likely be the one that you needed the most. :laughing:

Is always one of my biggest complaints when fighting a raid or a titan. They always kill the hero I’m relying on to save my ■■■.



here’s one for the know-it-all players who laugh at those who don’t memorize every single hero and their special and mana speed and stats…

before you begin any battle, you have to answer 10 trivia questions about the game.


do you know what color Fura’s 3rd belt buckle is? hah trick question she doesn’t have one!

get all 10 right, and you can play. get one wrong, you automatically lose the battle!


I have only 299 maxed 5 *. When I’ve finished my 15th Malosi I’ll be back.


Max mana potions+counterattack squad

Checkmate :smiley:

Oh man, I in love this idea! Some players know which hero does what and how it will affect others when they play with this hero but not if they also have that hero and this buff cancels out that one unless the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars…heh. I admire their fact retention abilities, but I just want to put different heroes together in different situations and see what comes out in the wash.

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yeah exactly! and some players are like “well you have to use exactly ABCDE in this situation, each has to have +12 emblems in the attack and health path and you must have level 17 mana troops on em all cause level 16 won’t work” like whoaaaa

its just a game, folks!

and that part above is still ok, but what gets me is when a new player is all “oh hey today i discovered that X does Y in a situation when you bring them with Z,” and these players go “you only learned that now? haha what a noob yeesh you call yourself a player”

like excuse me, some of us are trying to have fun and be helpful to others here!

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You’ve made a good point about the reaction of some to new players. There is that type of attitude towards even the way one uses this forum. Obviously rules are needed. But I’ve read some very unkind remarks directed to someone who posted allegedly in an incorrect manner… fortunately there were those who were helpful, as well. And I’ve probably just gone off topic!

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i think it’s pretty much on topic… and at least in community content, we’re relatively safe from the off topic flaggers :slight_smile: but i agree some people can be way too unkind!

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Constant. Constantly charged. If you take too long to throw a tile or special at him he fires his special twice.


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The colours of the tiles all randomly change every second but never so they form a match 3, 4 or 5

That would ramp it up a bit…