Some mistakes in Russian localisation

Hello, I’d like to tell about some mistakes:

  1. on the War page война should be written, not войн
  2. on the Onatel card сопротивление should be written, not сопротивляться
  3. I’ve noticed that in English Guinevere’s ultimate named as “Word of the Queen”. But in Russian it named “Мир королевы”, that means “World of the Queen”. I believe that in Russian it should be named as “Слово королевы”.
  4. Mistake on the button. There идеей should be written, not идей

I hope it will be helpful.

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Ошибка в слове “поЛучают”

Pls write in English!

Must be получают instead of поучают.

a mistake in the word “поучают”, the correct variant “поЛучают”


Better :slight_smile: Keep in mind that officially you have to use english :wink:

I’ve found one more thing. On the summon gates when you clicking on the hero info there should be “герой” (hero) instead of “отряд” (troop). IMG_20190105_104413

Hello, l’ve found another incorrectly translated thing. When I want to revenge and the opponent is online, I’ve got the notification says than the opponent is offline. Please change “не в сети” to “в сети”.

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Checkbox “Alliance Wars” for alliance not translated into Russian.

Едрить, а я третий месяц думаю, что за фигня? Он же только что атаковал. А это оказывается ошибка перевода!

Jesus, I’ve been wrecking my mind trying to figure out why is it that I’m only attacked when I’m offline but I can’t attack someone else who is offline. And now the answer! It’s simply a stupid mistake in translation!

Got another one! Actually, multiple. in the description of skills for Justice, Hu Tao & Danzaburo it states that All heroes get the chance of missing while it should be “all foes”. It had me confused until I got some of them!

“Все герои” should be replaced with “Все враги”.

Here’s another mistakes.

  1. Missed letter, should be “получают” instead of “поучают”
  2. In English it says, that Onatel “steals GENERATED mana”, in Russian it says “крадёт ману” (“steals mana”). Missed word “generated” and the sense is absolutely different!
    So in the orange mark it should be written “крадёт генерируемую ману” and in the pink mark “всю генерируемую ману”.

Right! Russian users had a hard time understanding Onatel’s ability because of that. But the proposed translation adds a difficult to read borrowed word, professional translator speaking here. It would be more plain to say in proper Russian:
“крадёт получаемую за ход ману”. But in general the skill could be described shorter and clearer.

“Герой отбирает у цели и ближайших врагов получаемую ими ману в течение 4 ходов: 25% за первый, 50% за второй, 75% за третий и 100% за четвёртый”.

Or, if you wish to avoid exact numbers:
“Герой отбирает у цели и ближайших врагов получаемую ими ману в течение 4 ходов: эффект нарастает от четверти на первом до всей маны на последнем ходу”.

Not to mention her name in translation sounds ugly like some highlander man, it should read (and reviewers on Youtube instinctively read her so) as “Онатель”, NOT “Онатэл”.

Russian has phonetic orthography, you write what you read and vice versa, there are no options and girls should end either in “-А” like in Italian or in “-Ь”. And “Э” in suffixes is also a bad idea.

Shortly, I would hire a more diligent translator in place of SG. I’m sure they can afford it. There are plenty of sloppy places right now which simply show lack of any attention or care as well as of the “language feeling”.

There is one hero description, where the edit was simply unfinished or unverified and there are two verbs - the one that was supposed to be removed and the other with which it was replaced. Unfortunately, I forgot which hero it was and now I cannot find it.

Critical hit should be translated as “КРИТИЧЕСКИЙ” and not “ОПАСНО” (dangerous)

Aegir - “получают делят полученный урон”

Fantastic! All mistakes indicated here were corrected in version 19.

However two small new inconveniences were introduced.

Firstly Onatel (thanks for correcting her name for a feminine form)
“Герой отбирает у цели всю получаемую ману.”
The word in bold should be removed or it contradicts the rest where it says that ALL mana is only taken on the last move. Therefore it cannot be ALL in the beginning of ability description.

Also, the form of the word “КРИТИЧЕСКИЙ” is not in coherence with the rest of the hit markings.
“Strong” and “Weak” are adverbs and “Critical” in the above form is an adjectif, therefore a question arise, critical what? We know it’s a blow but still a bit weird, especially comparing to other remarks in the same place which are adverbs and rightly so.
It could be solved by replacing the adjectif with the adverb, like the rest of them

If your will be once more. But already much improved!

One more thing with Onatel - Her big picture says "Blind prophet ".

In masculine form. If she is a she as now her name agrees with her appearance, she should be
“Слепая провидица”

And two more reported by fellow gamers.

Mother of North
Spelling mistake: ВладычИца, not ВладычЕца. Correct spelling:
Владычица Севера

And Gregorion
Also a spelling mistake: ИскуСный, not ИскуССный. Correct spelling:
Искусный лучник

Okay guys, new event, new mistakes - in spades!

If you tell us you don’t have money for hiring a normal translator - whose mother tongue is Russian with corresponding education and some general culture, we won’t believe you! This is crying shame!

The book is wide known and has a well known translation of characters names.

  1. Шляпник NOT Шляпочник

  2. Червонная королева NOT Королева червей (this literally means “Queen of worms” although in common language people do call the card so, often)

  3. The same mistake in Queen’s ability in battle as it was with Onatel
    насмешка NOT насмехаться

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