Some masquarade quest monsters have higher defense than others

The green monsters in masquarade stages receive around half the damage the rest receives.

I don’t know if it is intended, so you can ignore this if it is.

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I haven’t noticed anything to quite that extent, but certainly different monsters having different stats within the same waves is common in my experience.

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I had noticed this in the past with this event, but did seem much more noticeable in this current one.

That’s the same for me. Green mobs are more difficult to kill. At least they have way more life (x1.5) than yellow mobs.
I can’t really say about their attack and defense but my feeling is that it is stronger.

Not sure if it is intended/ not but it KINDA makes sense?

The green mob is based on Brogan who is a 2* hero
Yellow mob based on Fletcher who is a 1* hero in real gameplay.

So by virtue of that, youd expect Brogan mobs to be stronger than Fletcher mobs?

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I remember bringing this up during the beta for the costume quest (albeit rather late in beta), so this has been an issue from the start. I don’t mind having different enemies with different stats, but they should still be balanced relative to each other, and Costume Brogan takes it to the next level by being about as tanky (if not tankier) as one of the bosses in the same stage.

Not impossible to beat, of course, but it just feels unpolished, and I agree that this needs to be rebalanced.

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Thank you for making this post. I noticed it as well this morning but I thought it was just me not full awake.

I cast Azlar’s special on 3 costumed Brogan. Two died but one only lost about 1/3 of his life.

Just their life are so much different.

Not only damage is different, green monsters have ~1900 HP while yellow ones have ~1200.

If this is normal, it’s new (at least to me), I had not seen it anywhere else before.

I think it’s a more obvious difference in the costume quests, but it is normal in many levels

I wonder if its because of the heroes. The Yellow shown is Costume Fletcher, a 1* hero. The Green is Costume Brogan, a 2* hero. Could that be the reason?

I’m replying to the images I’m looking at

Yeah, that must be it

Got around to doing the final stage just now, completed it each time previously, but I distinctly remember the mobs in the final stage being very tanky, with not a huge difference between them (yeah Brogan was tankier but not to this extreme.)

Last time I know I had at least Seshat and Proteus, this time ONLY Seshat and yet the purple tiles were relatively melting through the Fletchers (no difference in troops, in fact Seshat was weaker now after I stole emblems from her), unlike last time… if anything I’ve felt Fletcher has been nerfed this time rather than Brogan buffed.

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