Some loot ideas from other games


I’ve been playing other games, one of which is very similar to E&P, and those games have a few really good ways they manage loot. I’m just gonna throw the ideas out there to start the discussion and they can be tweaked with feedback.

  1. Gifts - when in an alliance you can request gifts (one request active at a time). Depending on the type of gift (I’m thinking ascension items in particular) it will require a certain number of donations from alliance members. Each person gets 5 gifts per day to hand out to whoever they choose, but you can’t give multiple gifts to the same person (until the next day when your 5 gifts replenish). So for example, lets say a player requested Trap Tools. It will require 20 donations/gifts from alliance members. Once 20 people have donated a gift (not the actual ascension material in question) the requester will receive their trap tools. It would still be a lengthy process to acquire enough ascension materials to ascend a hero, but at least there’s steady progress being made and it fosters comradery amongst alliance members.

  2. Map Levels - this idea ties certain materials to specific map levels. Lets say that by playing level 19-4 there is a chance for three consistent materials to drop (all having different drop rates… medium, low, very low… have this rate labeled on the material before starting the level). Now let’s say you complete the level and don’t get any of the three materials listed. When you don’t receive one of the materials you would gain “credit” towards that material. So for example, lets say 19-4 has a chance to drop chain mail shirts, warm capes, and sturdy shields. Now if you complete 19-4 maybe you get a sturdy shield, but no chain mail or warm capes, so you would earn credit (maybe 5 credits) towards each. Then you can continue to replay the level over and over to build credits towards those materials and once you hit the required amount (lets say 200) you would receive said item. Again steady progression being made and it gets players to play various map levels instead of just 8-7.

  3. Steady card xp - this one is simple…for every match played the cards used could gain xp simply for being used in battle. A small amount would be fine, at least it’s steady progression being made to level up your cards and it gets people to try different cards out.

Hopefully the ideas I laid out make sense. Sometimes putting thoughts on paper doesn’t convey too well. If something was unclear just ask and ill do my best to clear up any confusion. Feel free to offer any tweaks to the ideas above, but let’s focus on the ideas rather than specific numbers used in examples.


Love the gifts idea…
Thanks for posting this. :smiley:


The “gift idea” it is also the “request an item” and “donation system”. It’s usually reserved to lesser items on those games. It’s the most likely trade system the might implement in this game.

The problem with the gift itself is how you would clearly have to favor a few people first, let’s say it’s 5 gifts, 30 people need it, you create a “internal tension” and resentment that they are helping A bit not you. It’s awful really.

The donation of a item itself it’s more “fair”, since you have to have that item to donate to someone else. But something like that shouldn’t be open to rare items.


The gifting can be done on a rotation that the alliance members agree upon. If you can’t trust your alliance members then maybe it’s not a good alliance in the first place. Just my two cents…

The problem with actually having to have the item in order to trade it with someone puts us in the same place we are now. We can’t get the materials in order to trade them so I don’t see that as an improvement really.


You saying that in 30 people you know all and trust all of them? That all of them talk in chat? I would say that at least 1/3 don’t speak or read our chat, they do their part and that it.

It’s already quite stressful too organize and make people skip and use flasks in the right time, to also put a gift rotation on top of that… a better way to fix the ascension thing is to fix it, not add a new mechanic. The trade/donation thing would make not sense, people can do whatever they any with their items.


I trust all of my alliance members, including @Jas19illini. We’re a great team :smiley:


I like direct donations. I have x items, I can donate 1, some, all to anyone I choose. Easier to manage myself.


But that doesn’t address the problem of having to wait months to get one single item in order to trade. That’s the gripe i have about the method you’re talking about.

I’ll happily provide the name of the game that uses the method I described if anyone would like to check out the mechanic for themselves.


@Jas19illini So the “gift” I give is not a real item per say, but rather like a gift card and when the person gets enough gift cards they “buy” the item they want?


essentially yes, but they basically just get the material when enough gifts have been offered by alliance members. So say I requested something that required 10 gifts, on the 10th gift the request would be fulfilled and I would receive the material I requested.


Does the GAME determine who’s gift requests are fulfilled and in what order?


Well the game I’m referencing seems to show 5 requests at a time (which I don’t necessarily like). I think it should show all requests (max 1 per person at a time). Then alliance members can discuss and see who is closest to ascending a card and maybe work towards gifting that person, so on and so forth. That’s just one idea though.

Each alliance member gets to choose who they gift to, the game doesn’t decide that.


Gift ideas is okay but why Titan loot are determined by the level of Titan. This is unfair and does not give equal opportunity to all the players to ascend heros. I am concerned with the loot because we have a small group. Most of the time we struggle to beat 4Titan . Generally, Our group is back and forth between 3 and 4 Titan. And we are stuck with a very plain and simple small loot ( a loot you can get by playing province 5 or 6). My team are struggling to ascend their Hero’s for ages and non of us want leave the alliance. Please make loot a random too so that we don’t have to leave our group in search of better alliance.


I dont mean to sound harsh, but making titan loot completely random and not correlated to titan *'s is ridiculous.
It would completely remove any strive to take down bigger titans.

Your problem is simple. You are too few.
Get more people into your alliance and you’ll be able to take down bigger titans.

The generally very low droprate of ascension materials is a completely different question, one I think should be addressed by the devs.


No disrespect, but it’s easy for you to say that because sound like you are in better position. But what I was trying to address earlier was there should be a rare loots involved in all level of Titan. So we are not stuck. However Quantity of loots bases on level of titan is justifiable to me. More star Titan more loot


I understand your point. However I think you’re missing a few points.

1: Rare ascension materials are available in lower * titans as well. Probability for drops are just lower. (Not sure about final 5* ascensions, because I’ve never seen any of those drop from any titan)

2: Higher titans should reward more and better loot with higher droprates. Otherwise why put the extra effort in?

3: You’ve made a choice to be a small alliance. And stay small. You can still fix your “problem” by recruiting more members or switching alliance.
That would open up bigger, tougher titans and potentially better loot for you.

4: My current position is of no importance in the matter, we are all stuck in the same crappy “lack of ascension material”-boat. Everyone is lacking in that department and it is creating increasing frustration for virtually all players in the game.


Well said. I agree with you. That’s why i started this thread, bc I know just how many people have gotten to the point of utter frustration with this game bc they hit a wall that takes a year to bypass. That’s a surefire way to lose a great deal of your population (hint hint devs).


I’d love to get the name of it


Hmm, guess there’s no direct message option on here so ill post here. First two ideas from the original post are from Heroes of Battle Cards.


Oh? I wasn’t aware the game was that old?