Some kind of record!


If you climb high…


As I said, not free fall, teleportation :laughing: I think you hold the record so far!!!

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Ha! I might be the record holder now! 542 cups in 8 minutes today! Not that it’s a good thing :sweat_smile::joy::rofl:

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it happened to me yesterday again… reached my all-time-high at 2748 cups. 8 minutes later i was attacked 12 times and had -505 cups and was at 2243.

Why is it like this?

when i’m between 2400-2650 or so i’m attacked once in a while and usually can stay in diamond… when im going above 2700 i see lots of attacks in a short time frame and loose many cups in a short time frame and thrown way out of diamond…

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Often, I’m attacked into the top hundred because my defense just kept winning. Next thing i know I’m being nailed into the ground!
My highest trophy score is not even on purpose . I was attacked there. And then attacked down again!

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I know most things are coincidence but still so odd they come out of nowhere and it’s 3 minutes dash attacks. 9 hours of nothing and and my 3rd 3 minute blast out of left field and had been out of the game for hours (17 attacks total in those 3 minutes! So I’m going to go watch conspiracy theory shows :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, it is a bit strange for a coincidence… happens to too many players. More of a pattern… Attacks keep a steady pace for days and all of a sudden, when you push a bit higher all hell breaks loose… I wonder if those who are stabile around 2700 - 2800 cups get attacked as often as we do when we get there… come on… dozens of attacks in a matter of minutes… the time frame is so short that most of these attacks must take place at the same time… that shouldn’t be allowed…


Maybe it’s because you’re new to that level and are offered as an opponent to others more than someone who’s been in that level longer. Fresh face (or meat).

I noticed that each time I first went up a level. From gold to platinum I got beat down every time until I was strong enough to hang in there. Same thing now going from platinum to diamond.


I’ve been sitting in diamond for a few months now. It just seems about every 3 or 4 days I get these blast waves out of the blue. The revenges make up for them pretty easily but it just hits hard like this and then again a few days later and all in one big burst.