Some Infos about the next Challenge?


It’s now 4 weeks, since we heard the announcement for the new monthly challenge.
So the next challenge should be dated at the 2nd weekend in october.

Can someone here confirm it?


I can confirm that they are having one, but the release date is flexible, and I’ve not heard of one set in stone. Being that we’ve really only had one so far, I don’t think there’s a precedent for when to be sure to expect it.


The time for next event has not been announced by the devs. The event is in beta test atm, but no info yet when it will go live.


Good to know, thank you guys!


Is the next event going to be exactly similar to the last one? Same monsters and reflect?


There’s a new post about the next event in the 1.7 release notes - not much in there but it’s coming and soon!


No, new heroes, different elemental reflect.

It’s similar in structure, there’s beginner, intermediate, and advanced. 10 stages, ranked prizes. But the prize brackets opened up dramatically for the lower levels thankfully.


Nice! Do you know which color will reflect?


This won’t be announced before the start of the challenge, of course. Just prepare yourself for every colour.


Yes, I do know wink. It’s not purple, I’ll tell you that much.

I’m not trying to be a jerk about it, just want to maintain a little discretion about what I’m able to disclose.


Must be a ton of fun to be in the circle of trust! A little bit of a competitive advantage, isn’t it? :slight_smile:


How do I get into the circle of trust? Is that for paying customers only?


Only if you can buy trust.


XD haha. (the reflected element is not fire) I spend almost nothing on the game now, I think I did like a special offer thing because it had a guaranteed ascension item I needed. (the reflected element is not ice) but I was still asked to participate. I’m not sure what the criteria are for being asked to be in the Beta. (The reflected element is not nature)

whistles innocently


You sneaky. I likey.


Reflected color is yellow.


I guessed so. I was thinking 80% may be holy and 20% may be ice.

Purple has a huge handicap on the last one and green was not so useful, so it balance the first one.


I think there’s a few ways people can be selected for the beta test and the active feedback category here in the forum. The best way is probably to be active here in the forum. Though at this time they have all they need for the beta testing.


So, the last Challenge Event was announced on 08-30, two weeks in advance.
Will it be again the second weekend or later this month?


I haven’t heard any dates yet, but will let you know as soon as I’ve heard something! The beta testers got in a bit late because of Apple, but not sure if that will end up causing a delay.