Some improvement suggestion


Hi Community and smalgiantgames,

As first, the gameplay is great and the game is so young, big praise.

Now we come to the ideas:

  1. Integrate private chats.
    ( Everyone knows it, there is a lot going on in the Global Chat. )

  2. Make the PvP beginners more friendly.
    ( You do not get the same opponents, but rather the bigger “corpses”. )

  3. Demolition buildings.
    ( Second forge brings no advantage to the beginning of the game. , 25% reimbursement or 25% of the hcosts for demolition. )

  4. Trophies exchange for goods.
    (eg 10pcs for a sword, you can install some.)

Now I wish a lot of fun to discuss.
Remains factual and friendly.

Best regards


I like the Trophies for items idea. Not sure how it would work though as so many of the other game mechanics use your number of trophies but it is an interesting idea. :relaxed: