Some Ideas

I love this game as is but I have some ideas that will improve the game:

  1. New trainner hero who allow increase special hability 100% for his color or 80% for a different color
  2. New battle item to decrease mana to monster.
  3. Increase the number of team from 5 to 6. As you have 6 flags in war you need setup 6 differents team. Depends each figth you change your heros but you can assing your best 30 heros to 6 different teams
  4. Battle item to change color of gems during a combat in order to perform better combos
  5. Include a new coin for get 4-5* hero or 5* hero
  6. New season where you can farm ascencion items to ascend 4* hero to max.

I hope that this helps you to increase the users experience,

  1. This would be cool, not very valuable since maxing specials on 4 and 5* heroes isn’t hard to do.
  2. Timestop do that.
  3. I don’t know why people keep suggesting this. The 5-team setup isn’t used in AW. You can only set 1 team at a time, not multiple.
  4. Would make it easier to get high scores on Titans, just let RNG do it’s work.
  5. The golden Epic Hero Token does that. I don’t really see a downside to that, since you get a fair amount in the game.
  6. The new season is coming, but what you ask for is like wishing for a Unicorn to poop icecream…
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