Some ideas to improve game play

Just throwing some things out there.

  • It would be nice when you beat The last providence the 22-11 the dark lord maybe get a 3* hero. For beating him.
    *less wait time for Building. I’ve already beat the game I’m level 37 and I’ve notice such long wait times to build.
    To up my stronghold to level 17 there’s a 4 day 12 hour await time which is a bit discouraging.
    *A ascension item when a titans escapes. To improve their team for the next titan.
    *HOM is very nice but after you get one I’ve notice their mana speed drops which sucks cause you want to keep it as a fast one.
  • troop cost to level 2* are just as bad as leveling a 4* troop. (( it Also seems since update 1.12. & 1.12.1 that the Troops were nurfed down I know it doesn’t show it but I’ve noticed when playing they seem a lot slower and have been nurfed))
    So maybe lowering the cost to level up troops 2* & 3* would be a nice balance.
    These are some ideas to help prove playing that would get more people to want to stay with the game and continue playing.

I agree on the 23-11 completion reward point. That should be beefed up for sure.

Dont really understand what you mean with a few of the points, could you elaborate? Especially these two. What makes you draw these conclusions?


Yes! Agreed!

Or maybe the devs (dang you devs shakes fist) actually figured out a game that isn’t immediately beatable.

My wife just told me to leave it alone. (Actually she said that’ll do, donkey, that’ll do)

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Yes I have Hero Of the month Delilah she was fast on mana but then a month later they changed her speed to average. I hope they dont change Alasie Her speed is fast.

About the troops-
I have all 4* troops for my team and after the update it seems like they are slower now when attacking. It doesn’t show they are where changed but I can definitely tell they are a lot slower now. Here’s a photo of them and what level they are .

I’m not complaining I was just throwing out ideas for the game to continue to be fun. I know a lot of people that were playing but stopped when ascension items were too hard to come by
Or building took too long that they took a break from the game for them to build but I guess they forgot about the game or gave up. When I asked a couple of them on Facebook they were saying the building wait times were too long.
If stronghold 17 is 4 days and 12 hours I can’t imagine what stronghold 20 is. Well I can imagine and it’s probably 2 weeks lol

Yep, and it’s a matter of patience. I’m only level 37, but I’m level 20 stronghold and 2 20 TC. Trying to level 5 5*s right now.

The game, she is a pain. Patience pays off in the end. Still looking for a 4* green troop. I am hopeful with the rare troop token. Hopeful.

Ok, I understand the first part now. You are wrong though. Delilah was never fast. She was average speed from introduction on Beta to live release for the game.

I still dont quite underatand what you mean about troops being slower. They basically just modify your hero stats.

Do you mean the speed at which they go from bottom until they hit the target?

Ok yeah I must have misread about Delilah.

Yes it seems the troops when attacking move slower from the bottom to the top.

Thats indeed strange! I havent noticed any change in that area.

Do you have any recordings of the old speed to compare too? Might be a good thing if you started tracking it to keep an eye on these possible changes.

I might have an old video or two lying around for comparison. Or maybe someone of the streamers can shed some light on it.
@Ritopo records quite a bit I think

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We haven’t noticed any decrease in titan scores, which would have shown up if troop animation moved non trivially slower.

I disagree with everything.
Yesterday I did 23-11 20 times as I am sure everybody of you can. There should be a reward when you beat it for the first time and that should be diamonds because finishing the Story is actually the only mission listed in missions which does not give diamonds. The quote should be 30 diamonds.

People are forgetting that after you level up the buildings and troops it is game over and I will leave the game not vice versa. This game is tough and long and that is what I like about it.

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What level are you guys in the game?

I am level 41 since yesterday.

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thabks for tagging me @Fledoble

delilah has always be average speed. there are no fast healers as of date posting. a fast hero will be overpowered. this game relies on bursts to make games winnable. ie bursting down tanks…

delilah animation speed was sped up. that might have been the confusion.

It would be nice to get better items in the monster chest or even titan chest because it’s the same stuff in both chest . I got grade A 144,000 damage top attacker to a 5* titan and got little bit of ham/silver/1 healing potion/ 1 gem.
Yes I understand it’s only a 5* but it’s still titan flags leveling up or flask spent. Just a thought
I’m about to do a regular monster chest I’ll let you know what’s in that as well.

It would be an awesome idea game improvement
-to be able to get a flask or 3* hero for leveling up
-hero cap was increased to 100- the max is 92 and I’ve hit that but find myself hitting That cap wanting to keep awesome hero’s but also having to get enough hero feeders.

How much energy flags to you get at that level?

36 flags, 37 on level 42.

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