Some ideas about various things

Some Ideas:

Avatar prices/store.

Almost half the fun of any RPG game is setting up your character, and having it be your own… And the RPG factor of E&P is one of the main addiction items, so this could be easy cash, if prices are more realistic for smaller players.

With this in mind, I think they have overpriced the Avatars/backgrounds etc. I would want all to have their own ‘identity’… not just the ones prepared to pay 1200gems for a picture.

I believe they are looking to upgrade the avatar store.

I think the basic things like plain color backgrounds, and flag pins should be cheapest (50 gems)

Then your designed backgrounds, and ‘other’ pins can be 100gems.

Mid-level avatars – 200gems, and higher level avatars 500gems.

This way the ‘micro transaction’ formulae comes into play, with all able to customise their character.

Raid Tournaments

I look at this as an attempt of the Devs to try to keep things interesting/moving, which is great, but the problem is, it is more of the same… aside of the changing rules, it is just normal raids… over and over again. And unfortunately, raiding gets old pretty quick.

Which leads me to my next idea

Player vs Player, not Player vs AI

Being able to take on a person, live, not the AI of their def team would be awesome….

Unpredictable = fun

I put up an idea a while back but got no love. But I still believe if the Dev’s could get a live battle working, it could be huge for E&P, and make things much more interesting for the players.

Hero special Ideas

A Thief who steals from you every time his special goes off - steal either steel, food, gems? (how fast would you kill or silence him/her??)

A hero whose special includes Tornado… could be great or awful, if you not paying attention to the board.

A Hero whose special includes Timestop.

I agree with what you are saying in the main … however it would be wrong to build heroes that ‘steal’ items that people have paid hard earned cash to get. And I am not sure if you could build the system to identify what has been purchased using cash and what has been won from a chest etc. Just my opinion

Understand what u saying about stealing spent items (gems)… but the game is constantly giving you gems as well… but doesnt need to include gem. Maybe just steel and food. Just something different

Totally agree, it would be real fun, especially if it was a set % of your food or iron etc. And I would still agree to gems if we could differentiate between purchased gems and those that have been won.

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