Some help please with hero's to upgrade

Hey guys I have the stuff to finally level one five star of each color, but wondering who I should upgrade and who I should wait for a better hero for my precious mats. For red I only have Azlar, Blue Thorne, Green Zeline, Yellow Deliah of Joon, purple Boss Wolf or Quintus. I am a semi serious player who buys an average of one 10pack a month, but usually have bad luck. Thank you:)

Definately Zeline and a fast hitter Joon first

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what 4* do you have and where are they ascension wise. Some 4’s are better than 5’s.

Out of the 5’s you listed I would say Zeline and Quintus. The yellow is up for debate as those are probably the 2 besides Guin that you want. I have Joon at 3/70 and he works good but going against an 80 in raids sucks. Delilah is a pain if those minions come out to play.

The only one I would definitely say no to is Thorne and maybe Boss Wolf (just from what I have read here).

That is my 2 cents, there are more qualified players who will respond and help more.

For 4 star I have fully ascended, Kiril, Boldtusk, Gormek, Cadmeon, Li Xiu, and Riggard. But I also have almost every normal (non special event) 4 star there is most of them are just level 60, third ascension of on there way to third

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So you have healers, debuff, and cleanse covered.

I stay with my initial opinion. With Blue if you have Grimm I would push him. His -D is pretty big.

Zeline and Joon for sure. Take Azlar, Delilah, Quintus to 3/70 and see where you are on materials and new heroes at that point. Take the others to 2/60 when you get time.

If OP meant he had mats to move one 5* to next level, I would advise not and instead move Grimm up. But, if the intent is to max a 5, it has to be Azlar.

It has been pointed out to me the meat is in titans. With both BT & Gormek, you have a good start on a nice team.

He can max one of each color.

Correct I am one dart short of yellow but I can ascend every other color to final Ascension just really asking what hero’s are worth my items to ascend to final and what ones should I wait for a better hero :slight_smile: thnx guys and gals.

Reread your original post and notices you saying you have all non-event 4s…Wu is not maxed!!!

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I have 2 Wu’s one is level 60 third ascension but I have only have enough orbs to take Deliah to final, or Wu to final or Joon to third

And actually I am missing Kelie from red

You might try a new thread asking about Wu vs any other hero you have.

EDIT: or you might search that first

If it were me I would level Wu(!), Zeline and Azlar. You can do better for purple/blue imho and you will need lot of time to level those 3 up first anyway. Wu because he will be helpful in every team except maybe defense.

Those orbs will come soon enough to ascend Joon or Delilah :).