Some has found a loop hole in the game and we need your help

A new player has joined our alliance and then blocked every one we can not see them because we are all blocked please tell us how

to get rid of him

person has left alliance please be aware of this issue

Sorry what’s the alleged issue? That they joined and didn’t say anything?

Not really a bug in the game if someone decides not to type a message.

I think the bug is that xVLADISx was not shown in the member list.
The description is showing 6/30 but only 5 are on the list.

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Likely joined & left immediately but the system hung and didn’t send the “xyz has left the alliance” message if that’s the issue

I guess he’s trying to say that someone has joined the alliance and didn’t show in the alliance members menu, even thoug they were accounted for as a member (6/30). At least that’s what I make of it… if that is so, it’s definitely a bug… the “ghost” must have left the alliance because of the bug, being unable to function inside the alliance.
Hey, @goldberg, did you recive any chat notification when the “ghost” left the alliance?

no message saying he left

once the person joined they blocked everyone alliance no one could see them or say anything to them, if you logged into the alliance all would say he joined and never left, we checked after i posted this issue and the number was back to 5 and no one got a message can you please check with dev team and see if they can run a test to see if this is a possibility and fix it

Well, you are only a few members. Try to recreate this bug.
One of you should try to block all of the others and then you would see if that actually works.

(Maybe the person that joined you was just joining a few minutes before his account was banned, suspended or deleted?!)

Normally I dont think that you can make yourself “invisible” by blocking others, it should be the other way round

FWIW we have had this happen before when the player left and just didn’t post right away. They are no longer in your alliance, it just didn’t tell you for some reason. We get a TON of people popping in for 10 seconds and leaving and every once in a while this happens. It did NOT, however, ever happen with JUICY BOOTY. Hope it helps.

If someone blocks you, he doesn’t see your messages, but you can still see his messages. At least, it use to be that way. This seems more like system bug, what other have mention too.

the person was there for an hour. nothing posted they didnt say a word i really think they blocked us all i dont know if the leader could see them but all of us couldnt see them

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