Some general ideas for titan war

He, I think game is becoming repetitive and sometimes it feels so boring so maybe needs some new features more than new heroes.
I can name some that come to my mind they are just general idea and need to think about and expand them.
For example add surviving bonus without using revival battle item to titan attack, it can change many heroes statement and make them worthy.
Or for example on titan battle making diamond tile add more times to battle.
Or for example stay alive and get couple bonus time of diamonds bring one energy for attack.
It can be for war or raids too for example on tournament if player could defeat enemy without losing hero get better points it increases puzzle side of game.
Or on war or raid or new part of game players be able to use more than one line defense team for example 15 defense hero and new positions, they defend a castle behind them to not be rubbed. Middle here if be nearby defense hero could effect on all heros.
Look my point is there are many things can make game more attractive, repeating is killing game.
Generally I think games need idea like this not just increases seasons and heroes it makes game even more boring just start stage and do some repetitive stuff finish, next next next.
I hope sg think and consider my point if others agree with it.

Some nice ideas - but I doubt that SG will allocate time, effort and resources to introduce these types of changes unless it increases their cash flow.
It’s a game but it’s also a profit making business…
But agree we need lots more QOL


Thanks, you are 100% right. You know it just come in my mind on 20 minutes before sleeping so how the team working on game all time and it is their job just come with nothing except adding seasons and heros. It is strange for me.
Or anyone know why game not add combine ability for heroes? I say it last year, it is great and solve dublicate issue much better than exchange soul. And more importantly make game so fun for new players. For example with combine 20 one star hero u get one two stars hero.
For example wirh combine 10 legendaries u get new unknown legendary. They can change the numbers based on worth, I dont know it makes game so much better.
Or why defence teams on tour not get any points if they lose but destroy some enemy heros( I am not sure maybe not it is same) but if not there is no any difference between defence team which loss without any damage to attacker with defence team which kill couple of attackers hero and lost on last seconds. Both get nothing
They can add ability of attaking together. For example u and another one from your alliance attack an titan with 10 heros together at same time. U bring heros who complete each other. I mean this game has potential to be much better but they just bring new seasons with repeating stages.