Some Game Tweaks

First I’ll note that I really enjoy playing this game. The RNG can be annoying, but it is what it is. I actually am thinking about just a few tweaks:

  • Let me find the max stats for a hero in-game. Sometimes I’ll pull a HotM, but it may be the next month before I get to it. But by then, I can’t see the stats I’m aiming for. Another example: I had brought Red Hood and Zimkitha both to 3/70 and couldn’t decide who to ascend. But in order to see the full stats, I had to leave the game and go online. Sure, it’s readily available, but distracting that I can’t see them. Same goes for event heroes etc.
  • Tiles: Add some more creative matching. Maybe by matching a “tee” (or “plus”) that uses all 5 colors - that makes a “White Diamond” that sends all the tiles. Making diamond-diamond match could send all tiles of both colors.
  • Make shooting the ducks on the Base “meaningful.” Maybe every 200 ducks or something drop a gem. Just enough to make it interesting.
  • Make the civilians wandering around do something. Make it look like they’re cheering around a TC while training, or doing construction while upgrading a building or something. (Bonus if you make them swarm where a duck lands to grab it lol). Doesn’t have to be all of them, but they look awfully bored wandering around.
  • Allow me to see the team that beat me per raid. Doesn’t have to be match-by-match replay, but I’d at least like to see the team that took me down. Seeing the raider defense does little for me since cup dropping became popular.
  • When viewing the alliance on the War screen, I can see how many hits total the team has remaining - it would be convenient to put the remaining hits each player has left as well next to his/her name.

Anyway, thanks for making a great game!

On the members list, show the red/green toggle botton of who’s online/offline. Battlefield is the only place to see it in a quick reference format, without having to go look up each member in the alliance.

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