Some Facts for Loots/Drops

So I have logged some loots for the unfarmable mats for the past few months (only my own), here to share the disgusting results with you guyz, please don’t comment if you don’t have any facts against mine.

to Devs : how about improving the loots a little so that we stick around longer and make you richer. I mean that is all you care right?



Have you looked at similar projects?

U guys could probly compile data or somethin


Yes you are right, probably would have enough data to create a serious case but to what end though? It isn’t like SG cares, they are probably planing to nerf it more so that ppl either buy AM offers to be able stay competitive or quit the game, have no trust or hope and definitely convinced they only care for earning more money. Sad but true, pity…


Some similar projects (More as an FYI to the OP in case he wanted to collaborate)



I mean people have collected data for years and it’s made little to no difference so i didn’t really think of that perspective.

Just figured if you were goin to collect data, then might as well contribute to bigger projects since i think the more data in one place, the better even if it’s for nothing more than just informational purposes to players


I stopped tracking everything from AM drop rates to even elemental chest and rare titan drops long ago.
Random is random. I learned to accept whatever SG is throwing at!
Lesser expectation allow me to enjoy the game more than ever. Spending only when I feel like I wanted to.
No more tequillas during the Atlantis expecting Burritos LoL.


Your data kind of confirm in a way what is my general idea of loot drops.

Looking at that, titans loot is by far the best in the game. And that’s what i always thought.
More for 3* material, sure, but still overall the best.

Now, i give up on titan loot long ago (alliance shifter) still my numbers are much less far then yours.


For me every loot you get is part of a collective RnG. Every slot of possible AM count on that, so the only thing that really help is getting more slots as possible overall in the game no matter from what.

So if you are like me that totally can’t have 4* AM from a titan (too low titans to receive it) i recover that loot from other sources.

Long story short, i get more 4* AM then you from other loots rather then titans.

The real loss in this kind of “tactic” is 3* AM, which i totally get a lot less then before (but we don’t care anymore about that)

This is logic, otherwise newer players couldn’t even remotely keep up the pace with seasoned players chaining 14* everyday.


I’m a little bit confused…

If you killed 158 Titans (plus 23 rare? or 23 rare within the 158?) and gotten 200 emblems out of it - how is the average of emblem drop per titan below 1? It should be slightly above. The same goes for the rest of the titan loot as far as I could calculate.

Everything else seemed accurate.

In any case - agree with your main point, those are some depressing stats.

Mine is not organized by source, but I have tracked my unfarmable mats drop rate since the beginning, and the following is the result.

On an average I get 1x 4 star mat every 3 days, and 1.33x 3 star mat per day. For a game which is supposed to be a grind, I am pretty satisfied with these drop rates.

Specifically, I also started tracking my elemental chest drops from end Jan 2020. These are the results. From a total of 25 elemental chests since tracking began, I got 9x 4 star mats and 28x 3 star mats, pretty decent rate imho.

Note: None of these mats were bought, I am a F2P.

Maybe @robin102 can also help with some data :slight_smile:


The only part of the game i see a problem is loot from wars and war chests.

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you have to take into account the time you have been killing 14* titans. Most players will never reach that.
I joined your alliance around 40 days ago and my 3* ascension mats income has significantly increased.

I did never track the exact numbers but I can give a rough estimate.
I started playing 2018-09-29 which is like 36 days before you…so almost same play time.

I spent the last entire year killing 9*-10* titans most of the time (2019-06 till 2020-06)… which yield 3 ascension mat rolls in contrast to 4 rolls on 14*.

4 * mats
On average I have about ~24 mats of each type…highest mystic rings #29, lowest tome of tactics #19…so on average you have 6-8 more of most types…so probably I have 30 less in total

3 * mats
Think I have used a similar amount to yours. I have around 30 less of each type…so may be 200 less in total. This is still insignificant as I have more of them as I will probably ever going to use /need.

To put it short…your drop rates are really high which an average will never reach in the game. Titan loot plays a significant rule.

Cheers Viking


That’s a good point. But killing 14 star titans is not guaranteed to give good 4 star mat drop rates. For example, from my last 40x 14 star titans I got only 2x 4 star mats. I have also spent majority of my gameplay hitting 7-11 star titans. I have been part of chaining 14 stars for around 4 months now (~105x 14 stars, which is 20% of my total number of titan kills which is 528). :slight_smile:

First titan on yours gave me 3x 3* non- farmable ascension mats. Several players from previous alliances asked me: “Oh 14* titans. Is the loot any better?” I just sent them a screenshot showing the loot and wrote “Yes”. :innocent:

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not too shabby, just slightly below expected

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209 titans total, 158 of them being 14*, 23 Rare.

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So being able to max only one 5 star hero in 237 days with the those drops is ok in your opinion?. This isn’t about anythingelse.

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You have much better 4* drops, would be satisfied as well. Thanks for the data, appreciated.

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Ahh got it! 20 characters of now getting it

Well, looking at the current drop rates of 4 * AM, anything is possible, especially for a F2P.
As a P2W turned C2P/F2P, I Maxed 15 legendary heroes within 503 days.
Game is suppose to be enjoyed. Too much expectation kill the fun. Spending a fortune might speed up the progress, but it does not guarantee a satisfaction.
We have seen a lot of hundred pulls without a single 5 *. And equally more of a 5 * pull with a single token.

This game is just too random to meet our expectation.

The best thing about RPGs is exploring The world, which Outer Worlds definitely has a good level design for exploring going on, but the rewards & loot for doing so is, quite literally, trash.

98% of all loot in the game is either a food item or literally trash.

It almost makes me want to stop exploring since I’m only going to be rewarded with food and trash that sell for only a couple bits each.
Anyone else getting the same feeling?

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