Some easy-to-do suggestion

Please make possibility to turn off those childish scenes before every quest and in story mode. They are totally driving me crazy from first starting your game, so lame and so in contrast with all the game. I guess there’re many people who like me are everytime annoyingly tapping through those pictures with speech clouds and stuff. I play your game for a long time and it’s great but this thing really drives me nuts from the start. I registered here just to say that.

I don’t mean to be sardonic, but if that is your chief complaint then you are doing better than 99.99% of the folks on this board. The scenes are more pointless than a plot in canned porn, but it breaks the monotony of completing new levels. they go away completely after you’ve completed a stage.

I fast forward because I too think I could do a better job writing. I also fast forward to the good parts of adult productions.

I’m going to say this gently as I am able: I do not expect that your suggestion will be implemented.


I’ve never read any of those since the tutorial when I started, just a few seconds of hitting the button until I get back to the game, I guess some people read them, since there have been complaints the content is maybe colonial, or insensitive or other such beef, I don’t care.

As annoying as you might find it, it has it’s purpose. Yeah, it’s cheesy and not all that well written, but it’s also something that gives this game some depth and meaning behind it all. This is a family-friendly game; the cheesy parts are mostly there for children to enjoy. I mean, this is an RPG game after all. If you don’t like the RPG part of it, then there are hundreds of match-three games out there without that specific aspect.

I [personally] don’t know how difficult it would be to code a button that turns the dialogues off completely, but honestly- I’d rather the devs work on fixing or creating something of value and importance than something that you can fix yourself. It’s a very trivial problem with a very simple answer: just tap twice and move on.

I’m not trying to be rude, just stating the obvious. I don’t much care for it all either, but that’s what this game is all about- so I deal with it. I’d suggest doing the same or finding a game you find less annoying, maybe you’ll be happier, idk :no_mouth:

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That is one of the best posts I’ve read lmao


A game that has a 13+ guideline i believe. Would have to double check the ToS again tho

I feel like that’s a lot but I honestly don’t know; I usually skip past the guidelines too lol

Eh had a debate once and had to read it lol

Extra points for “sardonic”

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I actually wanted a reflections/gallery mode in this game so I can and re-watch some of those story lines. Why? Because you only see them once and they are gone, you will never ever see them again. Not talking about the quests intros which are the same each time, but the actual story mode for S1 and currently S2.

Cheesy they may be, but it’s the only thing that gives this RPG-style Puzzle game, any of its RP elements if you see something and learn something about each of the heroes. I guess that’s why people made fanfics or stories about the characters because the game is severely lacking in the character development department outside of the few main characters and most of these other characters are likeable by the players.

Criar o vínculo gêmeo. É basicamente como o vínculo elemental. Exemplo dois chao ( 4 estrela ) elemento de luz, criarem um vínculo gêmeo de bônus aumentando por exemplo a porcentagem de ataque.

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Create the twin bond. It’s basically like the elemental link. Example two chao (4 star) light element, create a twin bond bonus increasing for example the attack percentage.

Extra points for “more pointless than a plot in canned porn.”