Some costumes are worse than original

Was this on purpose? Some of the are incredibly powerful(kadilen, quintus, helena) and some even worse than original. Who balance this game? 10 year old kid?


Worse is subjective. Different people need different roles filled, so a hero that is “weaker” but had the better skill for your situation might be the right choice.

Case in point - Costume Kiril is all the rage in my alliance, but I don’t need the things he does on my blue team, so I upgraded him for the bonus stats, and use him in original form.

Also, design-wise, I’m sure some of them they thought had good powers already, but they wanted to give them the bonus stats bump.


I haven’t seen any that are worse - not 5 stars at least. Even if you don’t like a costume, it’s worth leveling for the stat bonuses and you can just use the original version.


Which ones are you talking about? Have you used them maxed? Don’t you tried using the normal version with costume bonus? Sometimes it’s just our personal opinion.

Sometimes heroes or costumes may sound bad for titan or defense team but will shine in tournaments, for example.


For instance insarnia. Is worse then original. She has higier attack BUT lower defence debuff. It’s way more important to have lower defence debuff because you do damage with skill from other heroes or damage just with dices.

Other example liana. She got lowered her attack. She is sniper. She should shot and target suppose to be dead. Lowering mana regeneration on target that suppose to be dead is for laugh. Liana advantage is power and she got it lowered.

I’d say it’s a matter of perspective at this point.

You could also argue that Isarnia is better with costume because of her better class (Sorcerer > Wizard), higher attack (more match damage) and higher skill power. The downside is of course, the lowered defense debuff. Personally, I do think that Isarnia+cb is actually better since Wizard class – while definitely has the worst talent – happens to have more attack nodes than Sorcerer does.

Lianna is also a debatable choice. Now in the emblem era, killing something with one snipe is nearly impossible, so I could argue that having a secondary effect with her snipe (and a pretty useful mana debuff) is better in this meta. She also gets more attack stat (more match damage) and manashield which is a nice talent in the Telluria-tank meta.

But on the other hand, costumed Lianna does get a worse overall class for dealing damage (whereas Ranger on sniper is great) and she loses out on some attack nodes (whereas Ranger tree is just fantastic for attack).

So yeah, I think it’s a matter of personal preference. Either way, you can just level the costume for the bonus stats so even if it is worse, that just makes your choice on emblem paths easier.


Me too. Since we all have different heroes and combinations, some costumes may works better to person X and be almost useless to person B.

it depends. I like both Liannas and having two options is awesome. For events, lowering mana generation is good. Keeping the bosses with their mouth shut is good. For raids I usually keep using normal Lianna but killing someone with one hit is kinda harder nowadays anyway… Even 4*s with some emblems are sturdy enough to survive a hit from Lia or Kingston, the question is making good combos. Just by using a defense down hero (Tib,Isarnia,Grimm…) is almost enough.


The costumes themselves don’t claim they are an improvement, merely an alternative, the hero improvement comes from the stat bonus, applicable to both uncostumed and costumed hero alike.



I agree liana on bosses is perfect. I have to admit it.

Sure but many costumes are superb others not.

Some heroes are great, others aren’t. Same with costumes. All costumes, imo, are worth it for the stat bonuses and the class flexibility. Your mileage may vary.


Do think prisca got a bad costume and is not great normally.

Costumed Horghall was a missed opportunity to bring our poor Groots out of the dark. Instead, he’s my only benched 5 during wars…

Prisca got a mediocre costume, but nothing could’ve saved default Prisca either.

Just like costume bonus doesn’t really save default Renfeld – he just gets lucky that his costume is great, and makes him worth leveling to use him with costume only.

I do find that there are some heroes who just plain suck, and then costume ability ends up saving them. I haven’t seen one like that in 5* rarity except for maybe Horghall (his costume is pretty good).

But anyways, about Prisca: unless a balance change happens with 3*s – and one hasn’t happened since season 2 was introduced, when Gunnar and Kailaini got their damage share + defense buffs split into separate buffs – she will remain one of the worst 3* heroes in the game


As others have mentioned, often the costume version fulfils a different role or suits a players game style better. In class quests, costumes are a game changer at times also.

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Wellllll… there is one costume that stands above all the rest…


He goes from kinda okay in his current state.
But you add his costume in and he’s suddenly worthless!

Definitely level for the bonus, but leave the costume in the closet where the moths can get it.


To be fair, even Prisca has the expression; “Is this the best you could do?”. :joy:


They’re not better/worse. They’re different.
Sartana and Lianna actually have the opposite changes. They are useful in different situations.


Yeah there no way I’m levelling her or costume as basically have majority of 3* purple maxed anyways. Did get renfeld costume which I do like but it be ages to get to that too.

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