Some basic ideas to improve player experience

Heads up : I’m what you could call a “whale” in this game…By writing this message, my goal is not to criticize a game that I enjoy enormously, but rather to protect my investment, by making this game worth playing for many more years to come.

So, below some concrete proposals on how to improve the player experience :

Missions: make them more diverse, more achievable, and more rewarding. Missions right now are NOT fun. Basically, I never check the mission list, unless a badge indicates me that I should collect something, because I reached a goal (unintentionally!)

Chests: let’s be honest - hero chests, war chests and titan chests are a joke! Let’s take titan chests for instance : killing 5 12* titans is quite an effort, many items go into it. Therefore, getting 3 gems or 2 Atlantis coins as a reward is something VERY annoying. You could definitely be more generous with gems and Atlantis coins, without hurting your PNL. All the more so, if you consider that you need hundreds of those coins in order to summon, well, a 3* feeder hero most of the time!

Loot tickets: please make them permanently available from the shop. I hate it when I run out of them.

Ascension materials: there should be a way to get the ones you desperately need. Right now, I could ascend at least five more 5* heroes, I have all the necessary mats EXCEPT for Damas blades…how frustrating ! On the other hand, I have a dozen tomes of tactics in stock. So, my idea would be to create a shop where I could sell the mats I don’t need in exchange for a certain currency (gold ?), and use this currency to buy the mats that I’m lacking.

All valid, Regarding your Ascension materials… I think that’s what the new Alchemy lab is going to be? Not sure though :slight_smile:

I rarely get good lots from the chest but it does happen from time to time. I think the idea is for the like of “us” to push us to spend more… But there is a limit to everything. I am at that point where I am looking forward to rewards more than spending. So I stand with you on this post :smiley:


So I‘m done here with my morning farming session and a couple other suggestions came up in the process

Quests: I had the “collect gems” quest this morning, and found out that it would cost me more to refill world energy (worth 100 gems) than it would bring me to complete the quest (15 gems or so for finishing the 3 stages). Somethings wrong here, isn’t it??

Raid chests: I typically play those over and over in order to gather food. I just don’t understand why at some point, I am forced to wait for like 8 hours before I can jump to the next mission. As long as I’m willing to spend the 20 gems, I should be able to play as much as I want. Someone please explain me the logic on that one, as I don’t get it. Even from SG standpoint, they’re just blocking players from spending more money on the game, that just doesn’t make sense !

Farming: season 2 was truly a great addition for players like me who were bored from playing the same stages over and over again. Sadly, the cost/reward ratio of farming in season 2 is so ridiculously low, that I’m back to good old season 1 (I like 5-3) where I can get up to 4 backpacks for just 3 flags…this doesn’t promote season 2 at all

@Kerridoc @JonahTheBard could you please have a look at the above and tell me whether I should split my suggestions in single topics instead of compiling them into a big one…
Also, I’d be very much interested in your personal feedback on those suggestions, as game specialists.
I’ve read alot of your comments on different topics and they always make alot of sense.
Thanks !

This is an issue for me, unless new data is available?

The season one 3-flag provinces just can’t be beaten for efficiency, so I’m still ploughing away on the three or four classics - 8-7, 7-4, 5-3

I hope someone can tell me otherwise?

I know season two levels give more, but do they give more per flag??

I think that most of the things in this game you don’t like (low rewards in chests, limited loot ticket availability, hard access to wanted ascension mats, limit to chests speed up, flags required for season 2 stages) are meant to increase the longevity of the game.
If I think of the design process of a game like this from a developer point of view, I’d want the most people to play for as long as possible, while not making the game so boring that people quit for something more exciting (a hard very hard balancing to obtain imo). In this respect if all of your requests were satisfied probably everything would be achievable in such a short time that a whale would quit the game between 2 major updates because of lack of things to do.

That said, I think your points are very reasonable from the players’ point of view and your argumentation is convincing, and paradoxically, even if this suggestions come from a “whale” I think that f2p/c2p would be the ones to enjoy them the most

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No, I think that’s fine. I’ve added some emphasis to help with tl;dr syndrome.

It’s stuff that’s been discussed before, but constructively approached.

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Yer, agreed. I think this would be called ‘rubber-banding’ in a game like mario kart - mechanics designed to keep the players from becoming too spread-out

Thanks for your replies @alcaselzer @JonahTheBard

I agree, the right balance is hard to find between protecting game longevity without getting players so angry and desperate that they quit the game.
But IMO the game as it is now, is a bit too tight with rewards, and we should reverse that trend a bit.

As you rightly said, my suggestions are meant for the benefit of all : f2p, p2w, and SGG !
Classic win-win situations as I was taught in business school :wink:
Essentially, the only way for this game to survive in the long run is to keep a large audience. So if players quit, the game dies, and all my spent €€€ are gone in smoke.

I’m hopeful that the announced new content for 2019 suggests that SG have the intention to support and develop the game still further and this will continue to encourage new players while keeping the current ones.

(Doubtless there will be things we love and things we consider to have missed their mark)

Just wanted to let u know. That today was the first time in a while that I seen a really good loot ticket offer come up. Looks like they are listening. They also had one under the shop.

It’s good to see a “whale” as you say, have the same issues and suggestions as a tadpole.

Tadpoles are so easy to squish!

I believe the game has lost a little focus perhaps and needs to restablish the reason it has lots of players and make this the priority again.