Some Alliance Members Are In Spec Mode For War. Why?

We have two alliance members wherein they are in Spectator Mode. They didn’t leave or join late. We have been matched up with an alliance with just as many players. Therefore, if all of their 26 members participate, that puts our alliance at an immediate disadvantage with 12 flags less. Please advise on what is causing two of our members to be in Spec Mode. Thank you.

We have similar problem, two members can’t participate in war even if they didn’t change their war setting. But for us the matching seems to be done without them.

Have they set up defense teams? Or fed some hero from war defense team? They have to full team there with 5 heroes. Or maybe they opt out by mistake. Other team can also have players, who have opted out and then you same number of teams.

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Sabe problem here, im a very active player and im on spectator mode and dont know why, plz help SG

Check the opt-out checkbox

The people with this issue at us have 4*-5* defence teams, those heroes were not eaten up. Both of them had defense team set up and say they didn’t touch the checkbox.

Anyone who has these issues should check the following information:

Should the issue be none of the points mentioned in the article, please contact our support:

I’m unable to participate in war. The page says war will start soon and that’s it. I have not opted out and my alliance mates are having no issue participating. I’ve reset my phone, cleared the cache, and uninstalled/reinstalled. Still the same issue. This is getting ridiculous.