Some advice please

There are my heros, Deliah, Zeline, Azlar, Qunitus and Thorne. I am a somewhat serious player who almost has the materials to ascend all 5 of these guys after 6 months of saving materials. Which if any of them should I asceded? Or wait for better hero’s?

My personal opinion is, that if you are not willing to spend money on buying gold tokens, you might as well ascend any hero from 4* and 5*. but since you need one hero from each colour for attack, depends on your strategy. I have some 3* for war and special events as well. Anyway, heroes from defends should be ascended. you need strong defends for war. and raids.

My opinion is 100% ascend Zeline. I would also choose to ascend Delilah since she is a good healer and will be good for defense, war, farming, just a meh for titans. Azlar is a maybe, I would prefer Marjana or if you can get this months HOTM Gravemaker then 100% ascend Gravemaker. Thorne and Quintus are not desirable to me I would wait on others.