Some advice needed


Hi guys, I’ve tried to pull event heroes & HOTM:
I failed the first and succeded in the latter.

Now I need some advices:
I’m currently running TC20 (3/4) to improve my rooster while banking recruits (1/4) and farming 8.7 to regain some training items and restart fodder training.

My primary goal is to do well with titans, so leveling Gregorion is out of doubt, and the regular 4* heroes I lack are Skittleskull and the dwarves.
I don’t feel like pulling other heroes this month as I got the HOTM and I’ll hoard gems to pull another day.

  1. should I hope for my TC20 and/or event summons to give me Kiril or should I try elemental summons?
  2. should I try for knights or just with guardians?

I’m also interested on cups and I need some solid heroes. I don’t feel like leveling Elena to make a tank and I aim to put Gravemaker in the mix.

  1. where should I aim to improve my defense?
    I want to reach diamond chest daily.


That roster doesn’t let you hit diamond??


I wake up near 2100 every “morning”.
I go to sleep around 04.00 and wake up at 12.00… plenty of attacks every “night”.


Thoughts on event pulls:

  • Guardians: Falcon and Jackal are relatively common pulls from Guardian event and make a huge difference in titan damage. Jackal particularly. Also, Jackal/Joon are a devastating pair in raids and war. While we all wish for Panther-the-unobtainable, if you’re serious about titans, consider investing in some gems to get these two 4*
  • Avalon: You have Merlin and Lancelot already, though a second Merlin for wars would not be a bad idea. All three of the Avalon 5* are solid to excellent. Guinevere is the premier tank; Arthur the definitive red-titan master, and Morgan the Easily Underestimated. Trouble is the odds of getting event 5* is horrible. I’d consider doing event pulls until you get the HotM, an event 5*, or hit your budget.

On blue elemental pulls: despite your army of Grimm’s, you really could benefit by some more blue depth. Kiril or a 5*-not-Thorne would help. I’m not a fan of Boril; I think you’ll find in Diamond that raiders have too many tools to unwind riposte. So, depending on your budget, yes, do some blue pulls.


Thanks Kerridok, I’ll try some pulls on Avalon and if by luck I’ll draw Kiril / King Arthur / Guinevere I’ll have partially solved my issues… then I’ll see how to act.

Some suggestions for my defense?


Nice Heroes, you have. As long your Gravemaker is not done, i would select: Grimm, Lianna, Boldtusk, Joon, Sabina. I think no need for two Bonikillers.


ROFL, tonight I got a dwarf but the wrong one :man_shrugging:
Still better than another Kashhrek…

I don’t think that Grimm should be placed in a different spot than flank: he isn’t fast and his low defense makes him dead pretty quickly from snipers.


I like Kashrek in War, depending on the opponent…I’d like to try multiples… :wink:

Are you hoping for Sonya?


Even I like Kashhrek (my first green 4*) but my Lianna ate like 7 of them :rofl:

Even she likes Kashhreks!


I have one pair of fine gloves and two heroes who need it. Yellow 4 star Chao (fast) could then be fully leveled up. My other yellows are 4 star Hu Taos, fully leveled. I’ve just received Vivica and Wu Kong but they haven’t started leveling up yet.

OR, 5 star purple Quintas (slow) which would bring him up to third level.

Really appreciate your advice. Fine gloves are so rare I don’t want to make a mistake :disappointed_relieved:


I would get Wu up asap. He is a big difference maker.

Yes he can be a headache but tile damage is the key with him. Get a few combos going with him active in a raid. It’ll be over quick.


Level Wu Kong, like Wolverine he is the best on what he does!


Thanks for both your responses, it makes the decision so much easier. I currently have Wu Tao on my main team but if I concentrate on Wu Kong I can save the gloves for him and replace him with Wu Kong. I’ve waited 250 days to get a Wu Kong, it makes sense to treat him special :smile:

If I’m going to wait anyway do you think it’s worth waiting so I can level Vivica to third level instead (I’m assuming she’d need the gloves for that)?


After Wu, Vivica is worth getting to 60. And who knows maybe you’ll have the gloves to get her to 70.

I have the same problem with gloves as you do. I have so many heros at 60 just waiting.


What Rockstar said.

Vivica is a solid pick after Wu Kong. Personally I value Wu Kong > Joon > Vivica > all the others TC yellows while taking into account every aspect of the game.


That was my husband’s advice too so now we’re both happy :rofl: Thank you again, I’m so weak in yellows that I was stunned to suddenly have to make a decision.

p.s. you’ll notice I didn’t agree immediately with my husband’s suggestion :joy::grin::rofl::smiley:


Yellow is a tough color to be honest. I was lucky to get Joon early on. He is finally on his way to 80.

I was a noob and not a forum goer early on and fed my first 1 or 2 Wu’s to Hu Tao or Li Xiu. Those 2 haven’t been touch in a long time.

I did pull Gretal while she isn’t awesome she is better than the above 2 imo.



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