Solving the AW 0 points after a victory

As far as I know there still exists the issue described in the title (read a lot of new posts on this forum and happened to my alliance again during the last AW). For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about (you lucky fella) here’s a brief description: occasionally it may happen that after a winning attack during alliance wars you experience something similar to a loss of connection; when your game gets back to normal functioning you realize that your attack flag is actually spent, the heroes you used are not available for further attacks in AW, but your enemy is still in full health (more precisely in the same health condition he was before your attack) and you have scored 0 points. I’m not going to discuss how much this thing can affect the AW and most importantly your mood.

Premise: I understand that simply letting one replay the match after a disconnection is not an option, otherwise I might simply turn flight mode on when I’m going to lose a match to play it over and over again until I get the desired outcome.

So here’s the idea: when you flee a match the attacked team DOES NOT heal to the same condition it was before the match, nor dead heroes are revived and you score the points corresponding to the enemy team health loss. So, isn’t it possible to just synchronize the match with the server once every round or so, so that the last synchronization is used to record the match outcome, as if the attacker fleed at that point? Of course this would not totally solve the problem, you would still end up with a lost match even if you won, but at least not everything went wasted. I know this would translate into a bigger bandwidth usage and might be difficult to manage on server side, but the data to transfer is an array of 5 integers with the remaining health of each defender, so doesn’t seem that much to me, even if you extend it to all the players.

Side note: I think the same thing might be applied to titan fights, which suffer from similar problems, even if it seems less common to me. For raids I think it would not work because the only thing that counts is whether you win or not, not how much wounded is your enemy in the end, so losing the last attack due to a disconnection still would make the whole difference.

Final note: I’m suggesting this because the nature of the issue makes me think the matches are completely played on the client side of the application and synchronization with servers happens only at the match start to record flags and heroes used, and at the end to record the outcome. If this is not the case, then… well… hope you still find a solution because this is a hack of a bug :sweat_smile:

This issue appears to have been fixed on Titan battles now but I agree a similar fix needs to be applied for AW.
But I guess it’s the same old story people don’t bother reporting the problem as they are busy or assume other people will. I am guilty of that during the last AW due to time constraints I didn’t report an issue.

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