[SOLVED] Zagrog & Malicna recommended again?

Yes, there is no hurry to force it today, Misandra C was already present in the v53 game files. They definitely need to force it tomorrow or at the latest on Wednesday at 7:00UTC at the time the Ninja Tower starts because the reworked NT stages and the new ninja heroes were not in the v53 game files already.
However, that’s clearly a bug to have different content in two different versions when their lifespans are overlapping for a week or so.


Thank you for the reports and my apologies for the issue! We are currently investigating this issue and hope to get it resolved as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!


:joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl: this is a first for EP. 2023 is not looking good so far. Another bug.

Solution: Players on V54, who get either Zagrog or Malicna, have an option to exchange for Silvaria or Frosth. :joy::rofl:


That’s funny :joy: I was trying to find explanation for it and there it is!
In v.53 I just made one pull and took Silvaria, after that I updated the game and heroes has changed. Very funny

Hi team! Our apologies for the recent issue with the featured Heroes in the Atlantis Summon. A fix for this has now been deployed. For further information, please see the article here - [SOLVED] Featured Heroes in Atlantis Summon 2022-01-09 — Empires & Puzzles Help Center


@Petri @PlayForFun this is now solved, you can tag it as such and close it :smiley:

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Thx, I have add “Solved” to the title, and marked @ScottySG 's post as solution and highlighted it.


Yeah this drove me crazy, good on you for reporting it lol


Wow, great job… again. :man_facepalming:t3:
And I am sure, it has no effect on the summons. NOOOO, because it is done by profesionals, right @Petri

And again with the ninja tower, they changed the featured heroes shortly AFTER the event started to fix their mess. Did SGG fire all their QA employees last month or what?
We discussed for a week that the featured ninja heroes were all old ones already but the fix still comes too late (ie after the event starts). This is not good for the game reputation. SGG will conduct yet another investigation but I hope they write an address to the players to explain all the incidents we are facing lately.


My suspicion is that the “original” Devt team may have “retired” once the golden handcuffs were released.

It is common practice to “handcuff” essential employees after a buyout, and the Devt team would be considered essential. Then a new team will be sent in to understudy during the “transition period”.

Otherwise I can’t think of a rational explanation for the gameplay botches since Zynga acquired full 100% control of this game. Since early 2022: Jan or early Feb.

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Please rest assured that the results of any Atlantis Summons conducted prior to 09:00 UTC have NOT been affected in any way.

I dont understand this statement - i pulled Malicna from the portal early on Monday, surely this would not be possible if it was just a visual bug on the portal? What am i missing?

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Yes. You are right. Best to send in a tix and ask for rectification.

I attach the SS of forum threads for your CS tix. If you do want to pursue this matter.


Thanks, for reference for others here’s a screenshot of Malicna pull

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Send in your tix. With all those SS.

You can try asking for an exchange to either Silvaria or Frosth. Which should be the correct featured HOTM for this AR portal.

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I received a response from CS that i will paraphrase - there was a technical issue with the Atlantis portal so it is entirely possible you may have summoned previously available featured heroes, tough luck.

This seems to directly contradict their issued statement that summons prior to 9am UTC were NOT affected (their emphasis).

:flushed: that was their response?

They could have offered you an 1-1 exchange. Wouldn’t have cost them anything.

Now that I know that those on V53 received Silvaria / Frosth while those on V54 (before correction) received Zagrog / Malicna, their official response is clearer.

The portal did work as intended. Algorithm etc etc.
The odds were not affected.

Only that featured HOTM differed till portal was corrected for V54 players.

I have not heard of a developer, who believed that it was fair to the player base to have 2 different portals for the same event portal.

Yes, the fact that the HOTMs differed makes for a different portal because the line up is not consistent by 50%.

This is a new low for ZS, for me.

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My expectations were low, and yet they managed to miss them, :laughing:

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It’s time to be even more cautious before spending money in this game.

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