[SOLVED] Wrong side counterattack

Thank you for the reports - we are looking into this right now. Can you please let me know which version & build of the game you were playing when you run into these issues @Osamkin @HarryDeB

@Sara Last version. Updated today. 15.1.0 build 443 ios


@Sara Even this has been posted:

Thank you @FraVit93 - we are aware of these issues and they are being investigated right now.

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Is there a problem with this?

I just updated to version 15.1.0 build 443 on iOS. reflection of the damage Boril does not work.

I made a test hit on the titan with this hero and recorded a video where two titan beats do not get the counter-attack effect

I too have this problem just then in a raid my counter didn’t work when any enemy hero’s hit.

Mine is also with hero Boril and since the latest update.

I added screenshots that would be more understandable

Is it fixed ? It will be unavailable to take part in war with such bug.

There’s another update to the update. The most recent update should be version 15.2. I hope it fixed the issue? Has SG responded?

Hi guys . What about compensation? I just been forced to update during a raid … and I lost ! And yesterday I’ve lost several raids because of the same counterattack problem! And for sure I lost a lot of damage points on titan !!
Please take care of that . Thanks shon

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I just tested the counterattacks it still does not work it’s painful :astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished:
Boril still does not work!!!

This should be fixed now in the 15.2. Please update your game to the latest version!

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Just to make sure, have you updated your game?

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I just updated my game
15.2.0 !!!
that’s why I come here to post my anger.
it is absolutely necessary to review again this update.
Boril and cyprian does not work

I just tested in province, in raid, in titan…
Boril and cyprian does not work!!!
I remember once again that my game is up to date I just did it.
Version 15.2.0 counterattack does not work.
and the wars begin. what should I do I have 3 heroes that I will not be able to use in war :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:

Could you share a screenshot or video of the issue?

I am still having issues with the counter attack for Cyprian - I am on version 15.2.00 but no update is available yet. I’m on android