[SOLVED / Working as Intended - V36 Update] Lord Loki copying Jott defender makes weak blue tiles

When Lord Loki copies Jott and ‘uses the special skill as if it was the caster’s own’, any blue tiles on the board should get enhanced attack.

Instead, the blue tiles get the ‘attack down’ icon meaning that LoLoki didn’t use it as his own.

This could just be a visual bug… i.e. the tile looks wrong but does the correct damage. I’ll repost if I can set-up a test where normal blue and debuffed blue tiles hit in the same turn.


Maybe it’s working as intended.

But isn’t my Loki the attacking hero? Loki is firing the ‘Ice Boom’ special, and so the blue tiles should be enhanced.


Indeed it looks like a bug. Hopefully, we will get some confirmation from SG, but that might take a while as they are right now on vacation. :slight_smile:


Definitely :slight_smile: No expectations that they would even see the bug report or respond for a while. I just noticed and had a little time on my hands.


Yes, it’s weird to me also, I’m not sure how it works exactly since it’s a copy (that as you said, should make Loki’s special). I tried Joot vs Joot but it went +attack when my Joot used it and -attack when enemy Joot used it. So… so far it’s just a problem in Loki’s case.

Were you able to do a test where tiles that look debuffed actually make more damage than regular tiles?

I think there is a bug, wether it is visual or in Ice Boom when Loki copies it.

The special says

"Alters the power of all ice shields on the board. When an attacking hero casts the special, the shield becomes enchanced with 48% attack.

Loki is casting, Loki is an attacking hero, so the shields should have +48% attack, and should not be debuffed as it is shown in the pictures.

The tiles altered by Loki are indeed debuffed, so it’s a bug… at least in map stages (I haven’t checked a raid / war sitation).

Details are below, but tiles hitting a map Jott Boss that were modified by Jott or by Lord Loki hit for about the same damage (13 vs 11), compared to around 31 damage for unaltered tiles.

I ran two trials of S3:prov11:stage 10 with only Loki for an Ice hero. The Jott Boss there has a weaker variation of his special, with +48 % attack / -49% attack modifiers on the tiles.
These damage values are from non-combo’d ice tiles, with no attack-buff or defense-down effects:

unaltered tiles
hitting ice mob (Icy Drauger): avg of 7 tiles = 42.6
hitting dark mob (Freezing Drauger): avg of 14 tiles= 43.1
hitting Jott: avg of 6 tiles = 30.8

tiles altered by Lord Loki
hitting ice mob: avg of 8 tiles = 13
hitting dark mob: avg of 4 tiles = 14.3
hitting Jott: avg of 7 hits = 11.1

tiles altered by Jott Boss
hitting ice mob: no data
hitting dark mob: avg of 5 tiles = 16.2
hitting Jott: avg of 5 tiles = 13.2

Raw data here

(individual matches that hit each type of target are grouped in parentheses)

  • which doesn’t really matter, just a way for me to keep track…
    unaltered tiles
    hitting ice mob (Icy Drauger): (44,43) (43,42) (44) (42) (40)
    hitting dark mob (Freezing Drauger): (44) (41) (42,44, 44,41) (41,44,42) (48,46,44) (42, 40)
    hitting Jott: (30,31,32) (30,31,31)

tiles altered by Lord Loki
hitting ice mob: (12, 14) (13, 13, 12) (13, 13, 14)
hitting dark mob: (13, 13, 14) (17)
hitting Jott: (12) (11,10,11) (11,11,12)

tiles altered by Jott Boss
hitting ice mob: no data
hitting dark mob: (15, 17) (16, 16, 17)
hitting Jott: (13) (14,14,12), (13)

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Thanks for your tests @Cymro

Can I call SG members attention @Petri @KiraSG

If attacking Loki copies mob Jott special, Loki is considered a defensive caster, not an offensive caster, and blue tiles are debuffed instead of buffed

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anyone tested LLoky on Ifrit? same bug?


Sorry Boolz but Ifrit special says

“Weakens all ice shields on the board. Weakened shields have -50% attack.”

So if Loki copies that, Loki will end up debuffing blue tiles. Do not use Loki on Ifrit


Instead Jott special says

“All Ice shields on the board become enhanced. Enhanced shields have +64% attack when casted from attacker side and -57% attack when cast from defender side.”

So if Loki copies that (being on the attacker side), Loki should end up buffing blue tiles. But it’s not the case according to this topic when you use it on a mob Jott.

Invalid question, as Ifrit doesn’t do something different on offense.

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Interesting, I wonder if the same thing would happen to other heroes that do that sort of thing like Ratatoskr. Or maybe it’s just a bug for PvE bosses since it’s been programmed that their specials are meant for the defense only. Anyone try it in the PvP scenario?

I used Loki on Hades Mythic Titan and the same happened to me. I think it’s definitely a bug

It’s not a bug. Hades skill reduces yellow tiles on the board. That’s it. It says nothing about ever boosting them.

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This should be fixed cause it’s clearly wrong

Existing thread:

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Marking this thread as “Solved” per V36 Update:

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