[SOLVED] Wonderland Event Battles Connection Error (June 13)

Same here, lost a bunch of battle items and progress in the legendary tier because of that. Have very stable connection on my side, this issue never happened before. :frowning:

I was just kicked out with a connection error as well. Legendary, level 2.

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happen twice

Same here. Connection error stage 6 legendary, right after winning stage. Flags lost. Win not recorded.

Jep, same for mee finished stage 6 and connection error

4 times in a row during 9 legendary. Lost energy , items, and good mood…

I got a connection error when both bosses were defeated in the next to the last battle on the Rare challenge event. Also, I was not able to start a support ticket.

Disappointed to see this is happening on all levels. Hope SG makes this right.

Epic episode 6 has crashed twice on completion, please fix, and refund my energy please, very frustrating… send me a flask, that will cover the cost and time wasted

The level I’m having issues with (legendary 2)
was mentioned a few times in reports - I think I’ll wait until there’s an update to keep playing. No point in competing it if it’s unrecognised.

4 times now… And counting…

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Legendary,stage 8,win,connection error. Thanks :confused:

Happened twice too just when i finish the fight (epic lvl 9), items used for nothing, energy lost…

This has happened to me too several times. Infuriating :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

What’s happening??? Do you like to play with our nerves? I finish The stage and game crushed… Time out… What The… Hell???

These events are unfair anyways they need to make groups based on levels and trophies like raids. So one way to deal with connectivity issues is just don’t play it if you’re under level 30 or you’ll just waste energy on a few measly trinkets and a summon token

Yep, standing by for an update. Meanwhile, better not play the tournament.

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Happened twice to me on stage 6. Lost flags and rank went down.

It has happened to pale horse Rider as well

Happend to me too now, Yesterday in war, and now in hard Mode Stage 8. We spend a lot of time and money for this.

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