[SOLVED] Winifred’s passive benefits enemies

I thought it was meant to reduce the effect of defence ailmemt “cast by enemies” on us

New update out, they did not fix the bug. Disappointing for a new 5* event hero to have such a severe bug and not fixed immediately

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Should be a simple fix change to “Ability: Defense Ailment Reduction - Reduces the effect of defense ailments by -50%. The effect applies to all allies in the battle.”

Any news on this? I will soon be ascending a green so would like to know if Winnie is going to change or not.

They rarely give any news until the fix is actually released in a new version sadly. But maybe @Petri can share an update on this issue?

Maybe we will see it in the Beta release notes on September 5th.

Indeed, it also sometimes show up in beta before the live release. But more often than not, we have no news about known issues until the fix get released to a live version.

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Any updates on this topic?

@PlayForFun do they put this stuff in beta or does it just appear as a balance/fix on a new release?

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Fixes sometimes show up in beta and actually, the current beta build has a bunch of fixes but there seems to be no fix to this issue:

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Thx for answering @Elioty33

Unfortunatelly I do not have this hero, but I will try to find this hero as an opponent to check it if it was changed under the radar or not.

I have also asked Staff that will this bug fixed in V51 or not.

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here is the current passive of winifred.

“Reduces the effect of negative defense status changes by 50%. The effect affects all enemies in battle.”

It seems to have been corrected. 3 green tiles on the board, so Frigg reduces defense for 8% +3x3% =17%.

the visual number doesn’t change but the actual reduction value does get halfed

17% of 416 defense is 71 and as you can see they only reduced half of that (-36)

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Damn, I didn’t pay attention. You get a point.

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Update from Beta:


Continuing the discussion from Version 51 Release Notes & Status:

Looks solved with the patch!


@Dudeious.Maximus is it mods that tag (rename) the thread as solved/fixed usually or is it Petri? A few of those got fixed with v51. :smiley:


I have added [SOLVED] into the title of this topic.