[SOLVED] Why is Legends Prime offer is costing more than? (Update: Buy All option now disabled)

It’s a bug, hopefully they’ll fix it soon:

@Guvnor @Petri you should maybe think about closing this thread with a last post containing a link to the how to create a support ticket for those who have already purchased it.

Would save the staff a lot of headaches on this now I think.

Just a thought.

They’ll keep popping up.

I’ll add something to the OP

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I have seen on my Ipad that there is the new button „buy all for X,X€“ on my Iphone it’s missing!

@Grimtutor; there was an issue with the pricing so it was disabled.

If you know of anyone who bought the “buy all” offer, have them #contact-support by creating a new support ticket.

My wife bought the „all“ package w/o any problem :man_shrugging:t2:

It was an issue with pricing.

See the OP above and Petri’s response.

Tldr is that the “buy all” should have been CHEAPER not more expensive.

Hence the logging a support ticket

Not at all.

One € was 3,49€ = 17,45€
All five were 16,99€

Made sense to us :sweat_smile:

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Guess you got lucky then :stuck_out_tongue:
Most other currency had it wrong.


Thank you SG for the small gift : )) I am preparing strongly for the upcoming Atlantis, so It was the best gift you could give to me from every small gift what we have ever received. It worth the price gap :slight_smile:


Yes, we have now compensated the players who experienced this issue, depending on the severity of the price difference. I’ll close this topic now.


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