[SOLVED] Why is Legends Prime offer is costing more than? (Update: Buy All option now disabled)

So based on your comment we are being over charged by 54 cents

It’s 3.99 CDN for one and 20.99 for all 5. That’s $1.04 for the privilege of purchasing every thing all at once. I’m glad that they finally put in a buy all but a 5% premium to do so seems excessive.

Thank you for the report and my apologies for this issue! We are currently investigating this issue here and try to get this resolved as soon as possible. The “buy all” option should be cheaper than buying the individual ones, in all currencies.


Thank you @Petri, appreciate your speedy intake on this. I will wait for the fix before purchasing as my wife wants it.



What happens if you have already purchased the offer?


@Pinks Could you submit a new support request? #contact-support


Thank will do that now


Due to this issue, we had to disable the “buy all” option for all players now. My sincerest apologies for this and thank you for your understanding!


@Petri Why we even have to submit support ticket? You have logs, just refund to everyone who bought this offer.

So big hustle to submit ticket. You earn so big money and still not able to make things easy for your customers. There should be inside game service and not some outside website where you have to log in, provide plenty of information. Why not make it simple? What is the problem?


Thank you and sorry to here about the removal of the buy all button as it it does make these types of transactions so much easier both for us and the fact that banks don’t think we are being hacked because of the constant same amounts going through especially when you have multiple acc’s like my wife and I have and your buying for all the banks are always sending us notifications messages to warn us so these buy all buttons would be a fantastic asset and improvement for all I think.

Cheers to SG staff


Yes, this was just for us to be able to investigate this issue further. As announced, we have now detected the issue and disabled the “buy all” option for all players. We’ll review our logs and assess the situation once the Event is over.


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The offer for all 5 is misleading and costs more than if buying 1 at a time.

It’s a bug, hopefully they’ll fix it soon:

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Everyone makes errors m8, especially in development of code it’s not always as easy as people think.

The error has been rectifed so don’t be agressive towards those that provide your entertainment.

I have purchased the buy all package for the tavern of legends event and have now seen that the price is incorrect and being fixed. Once fixed do you refund the difference? Thankyou

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Here’s your answer to that:

You need to submit a support ticket, not create a new thread about it. :slight_smile: Here’s how to do it: https://support.smallgiantgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360003269253-How-do-I-contact-Customer-Support-


I started playing about 8 months ago so I’m still kind of new.

The Tavern of Legends offer here in Canada is $3.99 for 300 gems and 100 coins and you can buy it 5 times. That totals $19.95. OR I can purchase all 5 with 1 click at $20.99.

Usually you get a deal when you purchase multiples of anything. (Not pay more)

Am I missing something here?

It’s a bug, hopefully they’ll fix it soon:

@Guvnor @Petri you should maybe think about closing this thread with a last post containing a link to the how to create a support ticket for those who have already purchased it.

Would save the staff a lot of headaches on this now I think.

Just a thought.

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