[Solved] Why, despite the fact that I'm online, other players attack me



Very often it happens that although I’m online it is attacked by another player. I am asking for help in this matter.


Hello have you passed the 2400 trophies?
if the answer is yes it’s normal :wink:
from 2400 trophies you can be attacked even while being online.
sorry if my english is not very clear i’m french and i’m using a translator.
Good game


It’s only if you’re in the top 100 that someone can raid you while you’re online. Even if your device turns off for like a minute, someone can still attack you as well.


I would like know how this exactly work. When i was 20th i want attack someone better then me, but they were online and i could not attack them.

Anyone know how this exactly work ?


I think you can be attacked by revenge when you are in top 100. Of course when you are attacked before log in, the result can show you later. But it is all…


Well, the point is that even if I do not have 2,400 trophies, they attack me anyway … my fiancée also plays in this game and has the same … and has something about 2200 trophies :frowning:


That has nothing to do with 2400 trophies.
2400+ trophies means that you raid in the diamond tier and receive slightly better rewards in the diamond chest than in the Platinum chest.

The reason for such attacks is probably this:

  1. while you are in the top100 leaderboard, you can be attacked any time, also while you are online.

  2. while you are not in the leaderboard, it may seem that you are getting attacked while online, because

a. another player has already started an attack on you just before you went online. They can, of course, finish their attack.

b. in my experience (!), the game tends to log you off … without you noticing it … when you do things like getting a cup of coffee, or even reading the ingame chat for a while. Anything that you do while in the game which does not involve actual clicking. This has happened to me several times. Sometimes the WLAN sign flashes during these periods of “ingame inactivity”.
To my mind, a potential attacker can see you as offline during these times, and can attack you.


Ok … thanks for the great explanation of the topic :slight_smile:


@AnjaValkyrie gave an excellent summary of how it can appear that you get attacked while online if you are outside the top 100. The only thing I’ll add is that if someone is finishing the attack they started while they are offline there might also be a delay getting the notification. There are several screens in the game where you won’t receive notifications of this type, and they’ll pop up when you leave these areas.