[SOLVED] War score is too high for some alliances

Not sure whether I missed something, but how is it possible for this alliance to have a 143k+ war score?
This war score is roughly 4.000 points higher than the (to my knowledge) second highest war score. :thinking:

Just wondering whether I missed anything or if it’s some sort of bug? Could this be related to the announced changes and they do not yet apply to everyone as not everyone was able to update to v31 yet? Matchmaking is right around the corner tho. Will the scores that we are able to see be the ones that are taken for matching?


I was about to link that very response by @mhalttu :slight_smile:

I expect (as you seem to) that the “higher” score is due to both Personal & Alliance war history being tracked… “double counting” it if you will.

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I’d have expected this to go live for everyone at the same time. I for instance am not able to update to v31 yet and war matchmaking is right around the corner. This will screw up matchmaking, IF those visible scores are taken for it. :confused:

@mhalttu @Petri Can you confirm that those scores currently shown are not the ones that will be considered for the upcoming matchmaking? I’d assume this would lead to many mismatches.


Interesting… They’re now down to 139k :thinking: :man_shrugging:

Edit: Now down to 131k. What is happening? :joy:


They all ate their Velas to protest against the upcoming changes, thereby decreasing their roster scores :smiley:


They appears at 136128 now… but they have 1 member that Joined 1h Ago…

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I suspect that the number of points used for matchmaking is only calculated directly during this.
The number of points given in the meantime is only an assumption that is calculated from time to time for each alliance.
The version that each individual player has on their device is completely irrelevant.
Matchmaking is a pure database operation.
Otherwise everyone would have to be online for it.
And I’m sure that all alliances are managed in the same database version.

That war score is nuts! Maybe my PC is broken…

Hello everyone, never thought that our war score would draw so much attention :slight_smile:
We were also surprised to see 143k when our max score is around 136k. It happened right after our last player joined the alliance. Everything went back to normal after he opted out and then switched back to participating in the war.


This war score seems high compared to the current war scores. 146k? Right now it seems the cap hangs around 139k (see Seven Days Departed). Not sure how these guys can be 7k higher than the current best war score in game.


@Petri There seem to be several alliances now with a higher war score than usual. Can you shed some light on this please? They all had someone recently join them, so maybe it has something to do with what @Helen pointed out? :slight_smile:

I am in an alliance (Die scharfen Chilis) that has 132685 war points - we had that many points already after the last war, so no one just opted out after matchmaking was done. Our opponent (Simbiose) on the other hand has 139997 war points, which is a huge difference, as it is one of the highest number in the whole game. So something is really wrong here. We won’t stand any chance against this team.

I would really appreciate if this issue could be checked to prevent other alliances from getting humiliated by much stronger opponents.

war scores are bugged right now

simbiose score is currently inaccurate


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i see you makin your rounds, has the team looked into this?

Happened with my aliance too… thankfully after matchmaking…
hope V31 is forced befor next war matching otherwise there might be some really bad matchmaking…


Hi, we are currently working on a fix here.


thanks for the quick reply

hope it’s a simple fix


Hi, when we paired, it was done with the same points, meanwhile we went up to 139996 and at the moment we are back to the points we had.
HD (Simbiose)

Hello, we also came up against an opponent with really high war score. This has to be the highest we have ever faced! :laughing:



Jokes aside. This is only a visual bug that do not affect actual war score. We defeated them with big difference! :inserts Rocky theme: :rofl: :

Edit: This might not affect the matchmaking proccess in terms of fairness, but probably affects the ranking system.

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:sob: :sob: :sob: Please fix… I need to grab scores since there still isn’t a leader board filter for war score…


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