[SOLVED] War of the Three Kingdoms access issue (18 Mar 2022)

Hi, War of three kingdoms icon is missing from the quest screen of three people with iOS devices.
Is this a known bug @Petri ?


Yes, it’s gone! Where did it go? Can’t access the war. I see the W3K portal is there but the war icon is no longer appearing under quests…help!!


I have the same issue. The war icon disappeared and have no access. Offers and summon portal are there, it’s just the actual event icon.


I’m on iOS and do not have this issue

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I have notified Staff to check it.
I am not sure when Staff will have time to look at it.

You can might try you chance with in game support to meanwhile.


Thanks, I submitted a support ticket as well. Looks like it may not be all iOS users…

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Also on Android it is gone


I can access it on Android.

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iOS gone now
20 characters of wondering whyyyyyyyy

Ive got android and its gone too

Yep, it’s not just iOS anymore.

Missing on Android here but my wife’s phone (also Android) has it.


My iOS is working. Just refreshed the APP and it came back. Team-mates are doing their attacks.

It’s been gone on my screen for about 3 hours now.

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It’s gone for me, as well. On Android. Checked with my alliance and found that some can still see W3K, but not all. Doesn’t seem to be any consistent correlation between iOS and Android.

It is gone from my iOS too. Others in my ally have it WITH iOS and others don’t. :flushed:

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I don’t have it either. I had it like 2 hours ago…

Same here. Android here. Netherlands. Restarted phone. Didn’t work. Just haven’t removed game and reinstalled. If that is rmthe solution i will reinstall