[SOLVED] War does not start (September 19)

Alliance war does not start

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We are having same issue. Our screen is flashing “war starts soon” but isn’t starting. Been like that for almost 10 minutes now. Tried hard closing game twice and no change. Anyone else having issues?? @Petri @mhalttu @Sara

@Petri, applicable for todays war as well?


We also have this problem


Thanks for the report! We are currently investigating the issue here and hope to get it fixed as soon as possible.

We had the same problem and now it just keeps restarting and killing us bringing us back and killing us.


Ditto, by now I would have 250 points but I was dropped out twice. This has to stop. fix it or just get rid of it.

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Similar thing just happened to me. Went for an attack, the game froze and when I restarted I had lost a hit and 6 heroes. Now it keeps telling me that I can’t take a hit because I’m already attacking

some accounts, nor does it allow to open a session, he says he does not have internet but if I have in my device, and war like you, blinking

Now I can’t even log into game at all…not sure if issue is tied to war issue or superset issue or what is going on…should have just kept wars off until all the scheduled maintenance was completed. Would rather go two weeks without war then have s big filled mess of a war

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I just beat opponent in war and didn’t lose a single player and got zero points plus it shows I have only 2 attacks left.

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Wow, look at all the ex members I have…:joy::joy::joy:

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Same problem…
And my attack don’t computing points…
(Sorry my english language… hehehe)

our alliance same issue guys

Our AW has discounted our attacks, given our flags back, and not registered multiple attacks. we’ve dropped 200 points, and our opponent has gained 400. then we go back to being with 20 points of eachother…and this cycle has repeated itself 5 times. REALLY.

We had some server-side issues affecting the wars earlier today (causing players to be unable to see the wars) but they should be now solved. My apologies for any inconvenience caused! I’m closing this thread - if you experience further issues please check the other topics or create a new one.

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Just won a war and the message I receives was it couldn’t be processed now. I am also unable to get back to the battlefield. All I get when I go back in to the war tab is “new war will start soon.” Please help!! Would like credit for participation for the war chest!!

Same here! War is gone! :frowning:


I just beat John and it gave me a message “your request could not be completed please try again later “ . Gave me a zero for that battle and took my turn from me. More bugs to work out with war here. Just relaying more info to help you fix and create a better game .