[SOLVED] War chest individual progress (localisation error)

Dear developers,

Will the individual progress be reset after player changes alliance?
I know it expected to be reset before the latest update.

The weird thing happened to my friend after the update.

  1. She was in Alliance A before the war. Alliance A won the war, so my friend got 1 win individual progress.
  2. She goes to Alliance B.
  3. New version is released and installed.
  4. My friend has a number “5” in a description to war chest. While it shoukd be “0”, because she won 0 wars with the alliance.

Not sure if it should be placed into “Bugs & Issues”…
So what about it? :slight_smile:
Should the individual points be reset after leaving alliance?
If yes, then what’s with the screen shot? :slight_smile:

with the latest update, the points for the War Chest were changed. 5 for a win, 1 for a loss, total 25 points to open the chest. So the chest correctly shows 5 points for the previous win.
See also here:

It is not personal chest. It is alliaces chest. So it show how much point earned alliance. When it is full then everyone get reward depend how many points he earn with alliance. So if you imagine that your friend join to alli where is chest full then becouse he didnt participate to any war. He will got nothing

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You’re talking about alliance points, right?
Here I have no questions, it’s crystal clear.

But shouldn’t I have 0 individual points when I change alliance?

Yes, you are right. I misread and thought it was a screen shot from the first alliance… my bad. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Orc, it makes total sense.

Then how do you explain number “5” on a screenshot?
Not in a progress bar, but in a description, rounded in a circle.

If it’s bug - then OK, I have a solid picture.
If it’s not - it means that a player has “5” individual score after changing alli.

Yes you should have 0 victoty and 0 defeats

I read it as the war chest is for the alliance and opens when the alliance have 25 points, but the individual loot tier will depend on the contribution in wars.

I can’t read your friends war chest description, but maybe that is from previous version and just notes the 5 alliance count?

Your friend can’t have 5 individual points already.

Edit: I don’t know if the description has changed in last update, just looks like that.

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Guys, thanks everyone!

It’s bug with Russian localization.
We switched to English and saw 0 individual points :slight_smile:

P.S. Should I post a topic in Bugs section? :slight_smile:
Not sure if it’ll be seen here :slight_smile:

P.P.S. Dear QA, it’s good idea to check other languages too :wink:

Its a bug so report it in bug section

Changed to the bug section.
No need to open new thread :wink:

Nice to see you who on have 5 points but I lost and have 0! I want my 1 point! I need 24 more :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I agree, we also lost and didnt recive 1 point. If the winners get 5 for the last war where is my 1

Well, the “1 point for the lost war” rule came effective after the previous war.
Making the rule effective only after its creation seems fair to me.

The score system is new, previously no one would receive 5 points per win also, and so was done

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If they change 1/5 in 5/25 they should change 0/5 in 1/25 :] or every one give 0/25 :smiley:
I lose last war but rules should be even vor every one xD


Gotta admit, that sounds fair =)

Many alliances recieved the 5 points but none got 1 for the loss

My apologies for the problem! Seems like there was an issue with localisations of the war chest tooltip description. This has been fixed now.