[SOLVED] War chest doesn't update and missing war loot [its now here but was delayed nearly half an hour]

Nobody in my alliance received any loot for the war victory and the chest that was already 23/25 before the war didn’t update and is still 23/25 although it should be full right now.

I’m pretty sure we can’t be the only ones with that problem…

Edit: its now here, nearly half an hour after the war ended for us…
So I would say still something wrong, although not as bad as first thought.

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Same here! Should be a bug…

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Try again, now it’s there!

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Thanks, yeah now it worked (half an hour after the war ended), but still not how it normally works…

Same here but still no loot here but our war just ended 8 min ago.

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still nothing in my side

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Here also still no war loot

Mine also still no loot until now

UPDATE: finally got it after 50 mins delayed

It’s over 30 min that war ended. Still no loot☹️

I think its servers issue
Lots of players online
Most alliances got their war rewards delayed
Ours too

Hi all, we have just published a new announcement about this delay:

27th of October, 2022 at 12:00 (UTC+0)

To ease the load on our servers, we have now changed the way that Alliance War Rewards are distributed. Historically, Alliance War Rewards were displayed directly after the War ends.

Moving forwards, Alliance War Rewards should now be displayed and delivered within an hour of the War finishing. Should you not receive your War Rewards within one hour of the War ending, please get in touch with us via the in-game support button.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused by this.

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There were 3 points left to war chest, we won and nothing, no victory point entry no rewards, can you fix that? Aliance sexy alkáči I’m Et bestia tenebris

You will have to contact support with this issue …

Give as much information as possible good luck :crossed_fingers:

Is it this?

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Thanks @Pike 6 characters

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