[SOLVED] War alliance spectator mode?

what’s that? I’m in alliance since 285 days…

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Thanks for reporting, we are currently investigating this issue.


We are also in spectator mode

I may have missed a post, but everyone in my alliance, myself included, is locked into spectator mode for the new war…


Same here…


So far out of about 10 people, 1 person is not in spectator mode

It seems veryboduy has that problem.

@Petri, are you guys aware of this?

We have the same problem

We have the same issue

I’m boosting the signal through the moderator chat too. :slight_smile:


We at Stratocasters have the same issue we are locked off the battlefield…

What a quiet place without war ! :slight_smile:

Yeah we all get to watch nothing happens doesn’t sound too exciting lol. None in my allowance can set their teams

Wow. I just told Line i was checkin here to see what’s up. Tons of peeps in same situation. Late war prep time with no explanation that I’ve seen and now people are locked in spectator mode. Maybe 1 war a week isnt bad idea lol

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In my alliance also this problem, I was late for the last war but now I do not why I have an observer mode?

Same probleme here. Only spectator mode available.

Same here. Other members also.

Same here in Emperor’s assassins

we are also having the same issue. Freekshow alliance

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Hi, same problem for us too … X-Panda