[SOLVED] Visual Issue When Leveling Up Margaret--Dev Response Post #62

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I have marked this as a known issue, this should be fixed in the next update. Please note that this is purely a visual issue, and it does not affect the hero itself.


same with me.:worried:

This should be now fixed in the version 21 so I’ll mark this as solved. :slight_smile:


Great, nice work, but i think you a little bit fix Margaret, why?

Wow this one is called Maprapet. o.o

Cyrillic alphabet vs Latin alphabet jokes: keeping things hopping since the 890s :wink:

why she still not working correctly?

Petri why Margaret never applied her skill in this case?

Both did, but only Marja dodged.
Seems to work as intended.

Oh, and it’s a cross posting :wink:


SOLVED after the update.

I remembered how fast you leveled her.
Did you make any upgrades for her talents ? I’m interested to know how her defense becomes

Of course, but her defense is in attack, so I use it in mono-color on titans or raids. However, I got Urasena and a new Centaur, so she faded into the background :))


Thanks @1Neo ,
I see her defense a little bit changed, her place is in offense for sure but not brave yet to ascend her to 4 ,I will work to she be at 3 70 and use her with kadlin since I don’t have other options at present time

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