[SOLVED] Visual Issue When Leveling Up Margaret--Dev Response Post #62

The last line in that recommendations post by @Na.na was to open a support ticket if the problem didn’t resolve. Did you do that?

If not, here’s how to do that:


With respect to her special ability leveling up, again, it’s completely random except for when you ascend her.

If you use 10 green 1* feeders, it will go up on average about once every 5 times you feed her, but could happen the 1st time or not until the 40th time.


So, it looks like it worked perfectly there. Hatter dodged the Special attack by Kaghan.


Yes, but the upgrade screen is still bad

Yup. That definitely looks annoying. But at least a visual bug is a lot less worrisome than a bug that affects gameplay.

I’d definitely recommend submitting a support ticket. This thread lets SG know that a problem exists, but support tickets that can point them to specific accounts with the problem will help them diagnose and correct it.


I did not feed her 1* heros I did 2 10 pulls so had plenty of been 3 and 4* to feed her agree was at 50% on the first 10 fed. I fed her several times to get her to level 29 as I’m sure the person did that got her to 40

Ok… it’s still random whether a feeding succeeds or not. Lots of people have thought there was a bug because one or more heroes weren’t leveling their special after an update, but it always has turned out to be bad luck thus far.

See, for instance:

So you can see why, at this point, I’m pretty sceptical about there being a bug with her special leveling.


If all else fails, just do what I do: wait until she’s max level, then feed another Margaret to her, that’s 100% chance to skill-up. Solved!


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Did you look at the attached pictures? She doesn’t even show up and neither do the recruits I’m feeding her. She only shows up at the beginning when I hit Level Up. After that you see her no longer. Even when it says the special skill didn’t change her picture is not there. There is something wrong somewhere in the game. If this many people are having problems leveling up their heros after their upgrade then it wasn’t a very good upgrade was it? Or its greed again spend your money on food so you can make more recruits. I get so tired of people constantly sticking up for this game. I know let me guess the next remark is "well it’s your choice to play. " I wonder how many people throw things away that they have invested their time, energy and money in. Yes it’s a game its supposed to be fun. I have not had any problems leveling any other hero’s. All of their pictures show up before during and after feeding, and their special goes up reasonably. I have had some take longer than others I know how the game works. I know it’s chance and yet I’ve never been at 50% and not had my special go up that’s why I save trainers and doubled 4* that are already maxed. Only this is not the case for Margaret, not only is she not leveling but there is a visual bug also!!! So I would think that perhaps there may be more than one thing wrong with her. She is brand new it is possible a developer made a mistake at the company or do these developers NEVER make mistakes.

Indeed. That’s a visual bug. You can see where I acknowledgd it by reading this post:

You can also see where I advised submitting a support ticket, and why. I certainly hope you’ve also submitted a support ticket so that SG can properly look into what is happening.

Then you’ve been incredibly lucky. 50% chance is the same as flipping a coin. If you’ve flipped a coin 10 times and never gotten tails, that doesn’t mean that the coin is guaranteed to come up heads every time.

I realize that it’s frustrating to use good feeders and not have the special level up, but the point of all those posts I linked is that great many people mistakenly think there is a bug with special leveling when there really isn’t one.

People see bad luck occurring at the same time as an update, or a visual bug, or some other phenomenon, and believe that the two things are somehow connected. But they simply aren’t.

It’s not impossible that there’s a bug with her special, but it’s far more likely that this is just another case of bad luck happening at the same time as something else–and therefore appearing to be connected.


Thank you for the reports, we’re currently investigating this possible visual issue when levelling up Margaret.


Thank you for being so fast to address this! I just pulled her and am dealing with the visual bug, but no issues with special skills.

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Looks like she made it to 8/8 on her special. Very nice!

@Prasa despite the visual bug, based on @1Neo’s video, it looks like special leveling is working ok for Margaret. I hope your Margaret’s special has started moving up too!


Very good spell working!

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There is something wrong when leveling up Margaret. It doesnt show her and seems to have a bug

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@Educatedent can you provide some screenshots for clarification, please? It would really help the rest of us here understand exactly what’s going on.

If it’s something with The animation, a video would be best. You’d have to use a hosting site like YouTube for that - FYI.

“It doesn’t show her,” do you mean like this?

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Yep, looks like the same one as @DaveCozy pointed out.

@zephyr1 @Rook @Garanwyn mergy-merge? :grin: