[SOLVED] Visual Glitch And Bug Of Revive Talent

This just happpend during the epic rush raid tournament. Boldtusk should revive, but Proteus got involved. Perhaps it had to do with Wilburs damage sharing.

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The Proteus thing definitely seems like a bug…

I’d say what happened is that BT revived but then got killed instantly by your gormek attack.

The graphic tho for BT in the “revived” state seems to have transferred over to Proteus and then not cleared cause he was never programmed to revive and die…

thanks for reporting. We have been able to reproduce it here and are now working on a fix.


When I was playing at tournament I killed 2 heroes (Grimm and Hu Tao) but they’re firing thier special after death one of them (Hu tao) was disappeared but firing special and grim turned into hide but still appear. Please investigate this.

Hi @Commander.X

do you happen to have a screenshot of what happened?

Also, if you can SS the enemy team & your team which might provide some insight into what happened…

Finally, to give some clarity if you could maybe list the sequence of events in number format (1. 2. 3. etc…) that will help (Sorry I’m just struggling to follow exactly what happened :slight_smile:)

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It’s also happening with map clearing - S2 hard boss - I killed Gaderius & Atomos (with special active). Atomos disappeared (but kept attacking), Gaderius went into revive mode

Hi Guvnor,

I have a screenshot but its at battle final shows Grimm in Dimmed mode I’ll attach it to you.

events in number :

1- I killed Grimm and Hu Tao in the current Tournament Battle day three.

2- Grimm died but didn’t disappear and Hu Tao died and disappeared but they both still fire the special skills after they die.

3- I lost the battle cause I can’t hit them but they hits me

Issue Date and Time : 7 November 2019 12:08 AM Cairo UTC+2

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No worries, this seems to have been merged as a known problem so Devs will resolve :slight_smile:


It happened to me with Elena’s revive, which had the other opponents (all under spirit link) also persist as ghosts

Can somebody please confirm that it relates to the same known issue ?

Opaque heroes will never die :wink:

You know what! In my case Hu tao got killed and revived but still disappeared so he hits me with special and I can’t see him or hit him he killed all my team.

This “Mother North” character is supposed to give a 50% chance of revival of 10% HP to the fallen.

Instead, she gave a 100% chance of revival and 50% HP to the fallen. The SECOND time her special came around, she still gave 100% chance of revival (to the ally in the middle) but only the 10% HP that she was only supposed to give the first time around.

I had killed everyone except for her during a War and ended up getting nothing because of this bug. This was a very costly bug.

Welcome @Dr_Evil_Genius :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s just random with a probability of a certain percentage.

I even saw Alby rezzing his whole team twice at a chance of 30% and also my 2 mums going off twice and nobody was ressurected.

Maybe Rigs was ready and filled the enemies health or the field aid or even both. If only mum rezzes a hero, it’ll get only minor health.

No bug and off topic :wink:

I’ll repeat since it appears you didn’t understand what I read or you did not read to completion.

Mother North’s revival is supposed to add 10% HP to the fallen. She’s adding 50% on the first turn at a 100% rate and the proper 10% on subsequent activations.

Now, if it’s off-topic, I apologize. It’s my first post and I didn’t want to add another post if there was one that involved revival glitches already.

Also, if you want to argue the probability that Mother North would revive every fallen opponent every time she popped Special, that’s fine. I’ll at least take that one on the chin.

The Field annoyance boosted the health (as shown in screenshot) beyond 50%.

Mother North’s activation itself provided 50%. Rigard and the Field thing boosted the health of everyone back to Full in the next two turns.

I hope that clarifies things a bit.

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Hey guys sorry if you guy need to merge this with another topic but, despite the most recent update (v.25.0.1) I encountered another “invisible revive“ (Kingston) along with an Athena that was long dead but turned to a ghost. Hoping the picture uploads , would send it straight to support but every time I click for a ticket I’m getting a plain white screen.