[SOLVED] Visual Bug with XP slider (leveling up heroes) in 1.9.6

I have noticed since the update that there seems to be something off when I level up a hero. After picking a card to level with, it seems to flash the wrong level, then looks like the hero is leveled up correctly. When I go back to the level up screen, it has the old, incorrect level. But when I check the card itself, it seems okay. I think everything is leveling correctly, but it makes me a little nervous to see the wrong level flash on the screen. I have also noticed a lag when getting new heroes and with leveling up, so I wonder if maybe this has always been the behavior when leveling a card, but it usually goes by to fast to see.

It’s a little hard to explain. These are screenshots in order.


I have noticed this too

Zero pointed me at this bug and I noticed it too.

Sorry for the messy way of selecting heroes, wasn’t really paying attention at first. It is mainly about the exp-bar anyway :wink:

I have experienced it as well, android

Hi, there is a visual bug in the XP slider if you click the button while animation is running. We’re currently investigating this issue. Please note that this is only a visual glitch - you do get the right amount of XP. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Edit: We have now fixed the issue - please update your game.


And it gets better!!! Apart from the delay, the game seriously fails at the xp part too.
Take a look at this:

And then this one

Please fix this!
i don’t dare to level up my heroes because the game cannot be trusted.

I’ve also flagged this in the moderator chat for @Petri to check this out Chris.

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Update: I reloaded my game and looked at it again.
That 537xp is what is needed to max bane to 40!
The game just forgot to update the level :thinking:

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This latest update seems glitchy in several aspects. Delays on most actions, not just leveling.

Petri thinks it’s just a visual bug, but they’re looking at it today. We should also have some info regarding the lag issue soon.


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