[SOLVED] Version 20 Update broke my in game fonts/text/labels/sprites, etc

Thanks for the update, @Kamyk. :slight_smile:

Can you see any good change in the beta test?

@Kamyk They still have you in beta? somehow I’m not a tester anymore I don’t know how I was removed but my version isn’t the beta anymore I don’t think.

Several updates and several days have passed and our problem has not been solved.

Has anyone heard anything about our issue? @Kamyk I haven’t heard from SG in a while, and none of the updates so far have fixed it…and there hasn’t been an update for a few days now…

@Jayte I assume you’re still having issues?

Yeah I am, and I’m wondering how come no one else is still complaining. No word from SG in over a week and no new updates on the appstore. Is it that they just abandoned the issue?

I’m not sure, I don’t have any insight into their work on this — I’ll send a message to the Staff to ask if there’s any update.

@Jayte I heard back from Staff, they said this has been resolved for most players, and they’ll look into why you might still be having issues after the weekend.

I think it would be useful for you to update your support ticket if you haven’t recently, to make sure it doesn’t fall through the cracks.

I seem to be having a somewhat similar problem. Missing letters…![Screenshot_20190427-192600|243x500](upload://rowOZQm0CS7dgZOP4CxxLEKYUUa.jpeg)

> Blockquote

Here’s the post with the image displaying correctly. @Petri, looks like this still may be an issue for some.

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Thank you @Garanwyn, I don’t know why it wouldn’t load propperly


another update and problem has not been solved. until when?

Have updated your support ticket to let them know that the fix they rolled out still didn’t fix your problem? That might be a useful step.

@Petri looks like this still isn’t fully fixed, and it’s been ongoing for quite some time.

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Just wanted to say thank you for keeping an eye on weird problems.
My issue seems to be resolved, everything is showing up on my account now.

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I would like to report that the latest update Version:22.0.0 Build 1072 fixed the texture error problem, which has been addressed 3 months ago:

Version 20 Update broke my in game fonts/text/labels/sprites, etc


Not sure if I’m posting in the right area, however my boyfriend began upgrading his barracks on 7\16/19 it said it would take 2 days. Today it has been stuck on an hour FOREVER! What should he do?

Hi @Jchartra12, welcome to the Forum!

That sounds like an issue worth contacting Customer Support about. The Forum is primarily for player peer support, so no one can help with account-specific issues like that.

Here are instructions for how to contact Support from within the game:

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