[SOLVED] Valor chest on POV VIII

Just another rush to fix something that some people benefited from but others didn’t. Same with the 4 mill in food deal. Maybe ya’ll should think about fairness. I completed pov a week ago bought the pov deal and have been collecting points that didn’t get me crap for a week straight. I didn’t get to benefit from the food fiasco. Is fairness in your vocabulary or is profit all that matters. Come on just once come straight out and say it cause recently it’s clear enough to all your players you really don’t care about anything besides profit. Man up and just say straight out you don’t care about your players, you’d have more respect just being honest about it!!! Because it’s already becoming very evident to all already


This is unacceptable! Players who got to collect from the glitched chest now have a distinct advantage over others in this game! The gap is widening even more now! We demand a compensation of 10 valor chests! And 20 large food bundles! This is the only way to remedy the situation and please us! :rofl:


I purchased the vip pass and received an extra pov chest , but it was all trash , farming atlantis 1 stage is much better unless u care about 2 emblems. I’d gladly give it away.

Wtg sg…is this more of your fairness…once again a select few get special perks, then you change the game…this is becoming a pattern…ftp for me until you get your ■■■■ together.


The ineptitude of SG is mind blowing. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. Y’all could screw up a wet dream.

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I apologize for my previous misjudgment.
They seem to cause 5-6 bugs and human error not only in bug fixes but also in implementing new features.

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Dude, you’re getting a Dawa.


I would have gotten Dawa anyways. And I am a ftp so I am happy with whatever card that is dealt to me.

What is that “fix” actually? This "small group of players would have their loot taken back or everybody else will receive it?

I also finished the PoV with completing other tasks after max. Also bought the Valor pass.
I didn’t receive the chest, not even as an option to fill.
It’s a bit odd that the top prize is 2 avatars that have no benefit to the game other than cosmetic value.

We get a “oh we’re sorry that you weren’t one of the lucky ones” and sorry about your luck, the same thing they gave us last time they screwed up and sold 4 million in food for 8$ then hurried up and took it down before anybody else could benefit from it! This corporation has shown repeatedly that doing the right thing is beyond their comprehension if it does not bring in profits they could care less about any of us.

So rewards are terrible then, as expected. Now who’s realistically going to shell out an extra £10+ on premium just for a few pitiful extra items. I didn’t think this game could get any more disappointing but every time another issue like this pops up it finds a way to. HamGate, ChestGate, what’s next? A sad decline seems inevitable soon.


Well this isn’t a bug/glitch I got.

And I’m positively absolutely ok with that. Shizzles happen and it is what it is.

Well done to all those that did get a little freebie.


SGG, have you considered hiring devs and QA that know what they are doing?

Well said Cheds. I do appreciate the skill shown by some posters to both complain that they didn’t get a chest from the glitch while at the same time complaining about what was in the chests that they didn’t receive!

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