[SOLVED] Valeria bug on challenge? (v16)

Played through the advanced challenge lvl 8. Valeria fired the special on my team. I then fired of vivica to dispell it. I noticed that instead of Valeria gaining some life from the healing stealing part of her special she lost life.

Seems like the bug is on all the Halloween heroes. https://youtu.be/lOZiGdpfhbc @mhalttu Sorry for the tag was unsure of who’s attention this needed :slight_smile:

Just spotted the same - lvl 12 advanced, used Delilah’s healing and it practically killed Valeria from almost full to no life left.

Edit - lvl 13 same with victor, however this only seems to happen if you heal the same round as he bites.
Before healing

After healing


just tried level 8 advanced. and in the same match I noticed this during the Boss stage

Valeria + 2 monsters -> her life points 2050, her special on my Alasie, then I used Sabina, Valeria dropped to 1180!

Valeria + 1 monster -> her life points now 757, her special still effective, I charged Sabina again, Valeria gained life back to 941 (how is supposed to work, I guess)

EDIT: tried again on a different level, Vlad was the boss, same result

Vlad + 2 monsters -> his life went from 1436 to 1034 after using Rigard
Vlad by himself -> his life went from 123 to 305 after using Rigard

This issue should be fixed in the version 16.1. Please update your game!

On a similar note…and since I am new and cant figure out how to properly post…
Are Caedmon and Sabina supposed to be removing my Grimm and Gormek defense debuffs on the bosses? I thought they only removed buffs; however when I played the final stage everytime I fired sabina or caedmon the debuff i placed on the enemy was removed. This cost me lots of mana potions and healing that in all of the other stages I hadnt needed. Please look into this

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