[SOLVED V39] Shadereave's Draugrs or Marie-Therese's zombies

Marie Terez cast special skilk and when hero transformated to zombie… board freeze and i must flee

Yes it is still in bugs, but auto close the thread because of 30 days limit without active.
Here is the thread:
[KNOWN ISSUE] Freezing - Unable to finish a level in Pirates of Corellia (Oct 2019)

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I feel for ya, mate.
After 9 minutes, moreover :astonished:

Anyone experiencing a glitch on the last epic stage wave 3 freezing? Tiles don’t work manually or on auto. Reset the game tried over wifi, same issue.

I personally did not experience this problem, but just stumbled over the fact that the same hero on your side is on very low health and probably about to die at the moment of freeze in both screenshots. It might be a coincidence, but maybe it is related to this hero rather than the stage you’re at? :thinking:

What hero is it? Can anyone check and confirm? Might indeed be a bug that needs attention…

And the starfall bar is full. Maybe it happened because the starfall defeat the team? Or kill the Draugr?

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yes, 3 times already. i can switch the target but the tile board is frozen, i had to restart the game and lose flags. very frustrating.

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Ah, thanks. As we saw quite a bunch of Draugr related glitches, I am afraid this might join there… :roll_eyes:

However, tagging @Petri @KiraSG

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We are aware of the issue and the fix is scheduled for V39. Thank you for your reports.

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I am a victim of this Draugr bug, too.
It would be great if you guys could please compensate. I will attach screenshots of my battle as proof of the tiles becoming unresponsive.

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