[SOLVED V39] Season 4 - Boss damage per turn description issue


While playing S4 I noticed one boss has an issue when describing the special skill. The special skill says the enemies (my heroes) receive 62 damage over 6 turns while they receive 62 damage per turn.

Attached some screenshots.


@Staff_SGG I see nobody looked into this. In my point of view, this is a serious bug…

Edit: I would really love my Vela to hit 177 damge per round instead of 177 / 3 rounds…

It is actually happen to all skill with bleeding not only S4 boss.

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One more reason to consider this an urgent bug to fix…

We are aware of the issue with this description and a fix is scheduled for V39

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And thanks for the flag and hiding my post. Yeah, I know I was out of topic but I just felt the other thread deserves an equal merit of attention (if not much more), more so because of the number of people sharing the same sentiments. I am starting to feel the censorship described by some of the longtime forum users.

Anyway, thanks for everything, including the future fix on the described error on this thread, the new heroes, troops, events, content, and few QOL features, including the the hidden post above, the usual and recurring glitches (as well as the new ones like the Alfrike cube bug and several more still not addressed and resolved for months).


Don’t know who flagged it, but it wasn’t me.

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