[SOLVED V39] Lepiota and Raffaele

I was raiding with Raffaele against Lepiota and noticed what looked like a bug in the interaction between her ghost ailment and Raffaele’s healing.
If one or more heroes was in Abyss Ghost format and Raffaele’s special went off, only heroes to the left of the ghost received the heal effect. i.e. from left to right:
got healed / Abyss Ghost / no heal / no heal / not injured so no heal expected.

All my heroes received his regeneration buff as expected.

I was not recording at the time, and don’t see a lot of Lepiota on defense so have been unable to record or replicate the bug, but it did occur three times in that one fight.

I believe this was just before the update from version 37 to version 38, so the bug may already be repaired.

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Best to contact support.

Seen some other issues with health and lepiota.
I’ll forward it on. :+1:

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