[SOLVED] V39 - Game crash when tap on costumed hero (at war)

After update to v39 on Android, if I tap on the costume hero at war field on ally defence team (to see stats), game will crash immediately. I can reproduce 100% at least with Karil-cos, Kadilen-cos. However. Elena-cos is a safe so not 100% of costumed heroes.

It only happened on war field with costumed hero, not with non-costume heroes nor regular hero roster or raid. I checked with Android 7 and Android 11 and both have same issues. A friend in my alliance has same issues with his Android 8.

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Video please 20 characters


Okay, here is the link of the video.

Send that video in to Customer support

@petri: some help please. Thank you

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If it happens all the time id share that with customer support…

I’ll put in mod chat too…

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Same behavior ( Instant application crash) trying to view the opponents brienne costume while setting up a team for the tourney.

Actually, it happens with the raccoon too … But not the other heros.

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Please update your game to build 1540, this should fix the war defense issue.

Thanks for the update and reply.

I only could update with Android 7 but same issue (instant crash) still exist with 1540.
I’m still waiting for the update for Android 11 side of the device though.

Nope, I update other device with android11 to 1540 and it give me the same result, instant crash. Is this issue happened just for few of us or…? It’s a war preparation timing I think a lot of players has same issues…

I thought Elene-cos was okay but actually it also crash. So all costumed heroes give me crash so far. It’s not critical and you can avoid but it is annoying and I hope the real fix coming soon.

We have released a new build that includes further fixes to the issue (build 1541). Please update your game again!

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Same problem, tapping on costume Berden in tournament enemy team makes the game crash every time.
Solved with update, thanks!

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I just tested and confirm it fixed!

Thanks again!


when i click on Gunnar costume during tournament the game close!! tried several time and it was the same

according to this post it should be fixed. are you running v39 build 1541?

yeah i just checked it’s build 1541 now…thank you :slight_smile:


I found a bug where if you click on costume kashrekk on the opposing teams lineup to see his card, it crashes your game. For some reason you can still click on the other heroes without an issue. It’s just the costume kashrekk. Yes, Ihave cleared my cache and have the most up to date version of E&P.

It just happened again but this time with balthazar. Balthazar had a costume but it wasnt equipped. It looks like the game is only crashing on heroes that have costumes.

Same crash, but when viewing enemy costumed Kashrek - happens on my phone. No problems with a pad.

Here is similar case…
[SOLVED] V39 - Game crash when tap on costumed hero (at war)

Android v39 build 1541 should fix this (said by staff).


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