[SOLVED V39] Finley & Alfrike bugged again

Dear devs,
Sorry to bother you again, but Finley and Alfrike are still broken.

Now they break the attack chain if a dead hero appears somewhere in the middle.
So Alfa may end up throwing 2 or 3 or 4 cubes.
Finley may do only one hit.

How to reproduce:


  1. Go to the map with 4 mobs on a level
  2. Damage each mob to have 100- health (dragon attacks and arrows).
  3. Activate Alfrike

She’ll do 2-3-4 cubes randomly, keeping alive part of the mobs.

Video: https://youtu.be/MXchlkHzA3U


  1. Go to map and damage ONE mob down to 100- health
  2. Activate Wilbur
  3. Focus Finley NOT on a damaged mob and activate his special
  4. If Finley’s special will be focused on a damaged mob - everything will be fine

Video: https://youtu.be/e5i7AED6Yvk

I assume that it’s a single bug with one root cause, but I may be wrong.
Kindly ask to investagite.
Thanks )

@KiraSG , @Petri


O my gosh… I just can’t belive that company who earns millions of dollars can’t hire a good programmer… they edit code by adding some lines that prevent last bug but create another over and over again… :rofl: Shame on you really no wonder some bugs take months to be fix!


As to Alfrike, the recent update cause her to fire in less than 5 cubes. It was raised 5 days ago here:

As to Finley, this is the first time raised here as no other forum users seem to notice it.


It’s not only the map - in my video Alfrike throws 3 cubed in a raid.

Thank for the link!

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Guys, with all due respect, it’s not what topic is about =)


Thank you for reporting, we will look into this now.

Having the same issue with Alfrike. Hopefully this can be sorted ASAP as it’s very annoying.

Yes, I think it is because the chain try to attack dead hero and fail then debug part of program stop the chain. I think it is different from dodge/blind bug.

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