[SOLVED V39] Alfrike bug?


Sorry for my English because I’m French.
Just finish war with bonus mana (by the way, this bonus is too difficult and it’s very frustrating for everybody) and I have seen a bug for me.
With dodge enabled (special from Margareth or Kadilen suited for example) or with “talent dodge” (as Domitia), my heroes dodge the special of Alfrike in terms of damage but they are still affected by the malus. For me, it’s a bug because if dodge damage, they should automatically dodge the malus too. On top of that, the dodge of Margareth give her some mana and hers neiboorhoods… So it’s a vicious circle…
Alfrike is yet a monster with mana bonus, so thanks to correct this bug.
Waiting your return.

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There are 2 types of dodges

1- dodge dmg and debuffs (I think only C.Kadilen have this)

2- dodge dmg(only) like Margareth or Rogues

It’s actually on cards if you want check this.


About 1, I think Inari dodges special skill just like Kadilen too?

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Just like @Radar1 said.
Margaret only dodge special attack that do damage.

Rogue: Evade 4% chance to dodge direct damage from offensive special skills.

So it only dodge special skill that do damage.

Yes, like Kadilen.C, not only do damage.


Hey! I noticed this as well and it IS a glitch. Margaret dodges all effects of an attack when she dodged, it is the rogue talent “evade” that gets hit with the effects.

I raid with Margaret constantly and I had one time where I she was hit by three cubes and “dodged” all three thanks to her skill but she still received the hp down and mindless attack which she never used to before.

Then, that means it is fixed now, and the past time she should only dodge that do damage (which is bugs if she also dodge/immune to status ailement), if it was happened, like that.

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For example, if Margaret dodges Drake Fong, she is not blinded. If she dodges Alfrike’s attack (which does do damage) she should dodge the entire special as she does with everyone else.

Here is this old post for reference:

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OK, correct… I already see some of youtube…

Not sure what should be intended. I hope Margaret still can dodge the blind and the description should be change.

I also look at Drake Fong skill, and it is doing Blind without retrict only to attacked target.

Thanks for the reports. This is a known issue and the fix is scheduled for V39.


In trials of mysticism Alfrike is only firing 3 cubes and it should be 5. Needs to get fixed.

What version of game you use? Any video/screenshots?

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A quick search in the forum would have shown it is an already known bug, that should be resolved with the :poop: version V39. If you are still on version V38 you might find this topic interesting and probably soon this topic gets merged there:

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Only noticed it in last stage of trials. It happened twice and after the first time I made a point to get her to fire again to double check and once again she only fired three times. Sorry but not video or screens shot.

Thanks for this. Didnt know it was a known issue. Next version with these stupid limit breakers may be the end of the game for me anyway. Really just had enough of these guys trying to grab more money when are heros are already “maxed”.

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In the current war (rush attack) when I used Alfrike, she only shot 2 cubes both times I was able to use her, and ended up losing a battle that should have been an easy win.

I know what you’re talking about because I’ve seen it before too. I think this bug only triggers under very certain conditions though, and I think it only happens when there are 2 enemies left, and if the first two cubes all happen to hit the same target and kill it, then she stops firing.

But yes I’ve definitely experienced this before during map/quest stages, but luckily only once or twice during actual raids and it didn’t affect the outcome. The problem is trying to reproduce this bug may prove very tough.

It’s not. I see that everyday. I fill raid chest at least 3x a day. I use monopurple (cRig, Panther, Alfrike, Kage, Ametrine - 3 are dispellers) in mid and high Diamond. I love attacking Siff as middle hero in double raid defense formation, or any defense formation other than the classic that has at least a holy hero in it, regardless of position. I chalk my losses to bad opening boards, or that my Alfrike failed to release all 5 cubes, which could have Mindless Attack some enemy heroes not previously afflicted with that ailment.

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